Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x Review & Buying Guide

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When you have a party planned, and you don’t have hair-free hands and legs, it can be quite a slippery slope. There are many options to remove body hair, and one of them is laser therapy. Laser Hair Removal has become a trend in recent years, and Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x has been an acclaimed product for permanent hair removal.

Women love this hair removal device across the globe, and you can get rid of the traditional ways of hair removal by using Tria 4x. It is quite an investment since, for a one-time purchase, you save up on numerous visits to the clinic because using Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x at home will rid you of all the unwanted body hair.

So, to make sure you know everything about it before you make a purchase let’s dive into this brutally honest and insightful Tria Hair Removal review.

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What is the Hype About Tria Hair Removal 4x?

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X Reviews

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x was launched in 2008 in the United States. In 2013, the FDA approved this device, and it has been in trend since then. It is the first and currently the only FDA-cleared laser device that can be used at home to remove unwanted hair.

This device has Diode Laser Technology used by specialists and doctors for hair removal treatment. It safely delivers hair-eliminating energy, which is three times more than any other at-home hair removal device. Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x is a powerful yet safe at-home laser device.

It targets the hair follicle and permanently eliminates it so that the hair doesn’t grow back again. Moreover, this device is gentle enough that you can also use it on the face to remove unwanted facial hair.

This device works on naturally light brown to black body hair. This device is designed to work on the dark pigment in your hair; hence, lighter hair colors like white, blond, red, or grey wouldn’t catch the laser energy to disable your hair follicles. (Some hair on your skin can be darker than others, so it is suggested to check your hair color before starting with the treatment on a particular area.)

Tria Hair Removal 4x comes with a feature that allows you to choose the laser as well as the intensity of the device according to your skin, which gives you more satisfying results. You just have to dial-up to the company and answer a short quiz to know your skin tone and skin type and get your Tria 4x adjusted accordingly.

This device costs lesser than the laser treatment at a doctor’s and gives results as good as a laser treatment would provide. This is the reason why this product is loved by people all around the world, and it remains trendy. It comes with a guarantee that the device is safe and user friendly.

Benefits of Tria Beauty Hair Removal 4x

This laser treatment has many benefits of using it:

💆 Medical Laser Treatment at Home

Most people can not afford the expensive laser treatment that is done by specialists. Those laser treatments can even harm your skin.

Tria 4x gives you similar laser treatment at a very reasonable price. This gadget comes with a laser diode technology gives you smooth skin and hair-free legs and arms. The best part is it is FDA-cleared which vouches for its safety.

👌 Precise Area of Treatment

When you go to a specialist to get a laser treatment for hair removal, they use a laser that is bigger in the area so that it could work faster. This approach might go wrong as it could leave some minor parts where the laser light can’t reach making the hair of the part being missed out.

Laser 4x by Tria Beauty comes with a smaller and precise area that helps in reaching more minor areas of your hair growth to help you remove them. Obviously, with a smaller area, it would take more time to carry out the therapy but if the results are good, it is worth spending that amount of time.

🤕 Hurts Less

Laser treatments can sound scary as you might have heard that it could burn your skin. This is because of the device and technology the doctors use. They use a high-intensity laser to remove hair which can be hard on your skin and might burn it.

Tria Hair Removal 4x, on the other hand, is a small device and hence it hurts less. The laser intensity of this device is low due to its size and hence results in less hurting. You could also use it on your face as it doesn’t really hurt much.

⚙️ Laser Setting

This a very unique feature that comes with this home laser device. When you open the box you will find the device locked. To unlock this device you will have to call the company and they will ask you a few questions about your skin, like a small quiz.

After that, the company will unlock the device and set the device to the intensity and the laser type that suits your skin type as well as your skin tone so that it works better and you get satisfactory results.

⌛ Long-Lasting Results

Using this device gives you long-lasting results that can’t be achieved by shaving or waxing. If you use it frequently you will notice that your hair growth over your body has started to reduce and it will end up in resulting permanent hair reduction over time.

💰 Doesn’t break the bank

Last but not least is the cost of this device. If you think of going to a doctor for a hair removal treatment it is going to cost you a lot and you can not get the treatment if you are low on budget.

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x is just the device you need whether you are a woman or a man! It costs ten times lesser than the laser treatment and gives you soft and smooth, hair-free skin. With such less cost and advanced diode laser technology, Tria Beauty also guarantees quality results. It costs less and gives you good, satisfactory results.

Why Should You Choose Tria 4x?

  • The only trusted at-home laser device which is safe to use

  • FDA cleared

  • User-friendly device and gives amazing results. It comes with several benefits, one being its cost. You can get it home if you are short on budget to get a laser treatment from a dermatologist

  • It is reliable and hurts lesser than the laser treatment you get from a professional

  • You can sit comfortably while doing this laser treatment by yourself. You could be watching television or listening to songs or even read a book while you do this treatment at home

Where Can You Use Tria 4x?

Tria 4x is a device that can be used on any part of your body. The laser is gentle and hurt less so you can use it on your:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Bikini areas
  • Or any area on your body that has unwanted hair growth

The device is gentle enough to use on your face to remove the unwanted hair as it would not leave scars behind.

Who Can Use Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x in Terms of Hair Color and Skin?

Before knowing if you could use Tria 4x on your skin, it is first essential to know what is your skin tone.

There are six Fitzpatrick types of skin tones, Type I being the lightest and type VI being the darkest. Here is a table for you to know more about your skin tone.

fitzpatrick skin type

You can use this as a scale to measure your skin tone and start the treatment.

Tria 4x is best to use on skin tones falling under type I to type IV, and it might not be safe to use on darker skin tone. You should also be careful while using it on your skin if you have a lot of moles and freckles.

When it comes to what hair color this device works on then, it’s the opposite of what skin type it works on. The laser is designed in a way that it focuses on dark, pigmented hair, and hair color like light blonde, red, grey, or white hair will not be able to catch its energy; hence it won’t work on them.

What Do the Tria Hair Removal Reviews Say?

This product has been famous worldwide for quite some time and the users are loving this device. Here is what some of the users say about the product:

This product works well and removes all the facial hair and dark smudges on your face. It permanently reduces hair growth on the face.

The device lessens the hair gradually with daily use and gives 100% satisfactory results.

It does hurt but gives great results. It works slowly but if used frequently it can reduce the hair growth to almost no hair growth.

The battery life is a bit low but works wonderfully. It could take time to finish zapping the leg portion because of the battery life but works well with frequent use.

Gives real results and the treatment duration could depend on the type of hair growth you have.s

This device comes in different colors and also with a 60 days return guarantee. Moreover, it works perfectly for coarse hair and reduces them with frequent use.

This device is best to use when you have PCOS, it helps in reducing your hair be it on the body or your face and saves you from frequent waxing or shaving.

One time investment and could be used at home sitting comfortably and you don’t have to worry about spending money on waxing or about the coarse hair that grows after shaving.

It hurts a bit but putting on ice on the treated areas can make skin feel better and this device gives great results after using for a week or so.

It could be a life-changer for those who have a severe hair growth problem. Works well and gives amazing results. Lesser downs the hair growth after using it for like a week and gives great results.

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Flip Side of Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x

Even though Tria 4x is an amazing product it does have some disadvantages to it. These cons, though, do not in any way affect or damage your skin as they are simply related to the device itself. Also in no way do they cause any side effects to your health or your skin.

Commitment time

Since Tria 4x targets a smaller part of the area which you want to treat it can get very time consuming, especially when it comes to treating your legs. It can get very time consuming when you start treating your legs as the area targeted is small and the device could end using all the charge so you would have to charge it and then start doing your legs again.

Also, this device doesn’t show results immediately it takes at least eight treatments to finally disable your hair follicles and reduce the hair regrowth and a little more than eight treatments to stop your hair from growing.

Feels heavy

The device is a bit heavy so it can be a little difficult to use it. Apart from being heavy the mechanism is quite delicate so you would have to be very careful in using the device. Some times you can end up having an aching arm due to the heaviness so it is better to do the treatment in breaks.

Application Process

The application process can be a little difficult. It can happen if you have just started using the device. It can take a little while until you get used to using this device and then the application process may seem to be easier after using it two to three times.

Metal tip

When you use this device for a long time the metal tip can become hot, like every other such device, and can be harmful to your skin. It mostly happens if you have been treating for a long time on level 5. Hence it is suggested that you take breaks in between treating your skin so that the metal tip gets time to cool off.

Battery life

The battery life of this device has been an issue for many users. The battery life is a little less but it works well when you put it on the charge. It is also suggested that you let the device get charged fully before using it so that it can run a little more longer.

How to Use Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x? Step-by-Step Guide

The Tria 4x comes with instructions written on the box of it. If you can not find it helpful then here is a detailed step-by-step usage guide for doing the treatment at home comfortably

Step 1 – Prep Your Skin

The first step is to prepare your skin before using the device. You could either shave or cleanse your skin before you start using Tria 4x.

Cleanse, shave and towel dry your skin to get better and effective results from this treatment.

Step 2 – Select Treatment Level

Tria 4x comes with three different treatment levels- low, medium and high.

Set the level to your comfortability and convenience. It is advised to start with a low level and then go towards the high level while using the device.

Step 3 – Choose the Area and Begin the Treatment

Place the bottom of the device on the skin where you want to start working. Set the power level from one to five. Press the laser on the skin where you want the treatment and wait for two beeps. Move the tip to about a quarter an inch and press again. Repeat moving the tip to a quarter and inch and press again, keep on doing this until you have covered the required area.

It is suggested to use the Tria Hair Removal Laser as instructed for about 8 treatments to see a substantially visible reduction in hair regrowth. You can use it for additional treatment to get an additional reduction.

The treatment depends on skin tone, hair color, body part, treatment level, and other factors, hence it differs from individual to individual, resulting in complete hair reduction to little or no hair reduction.

Does Tria 4x Work?

Tria 4x, as compared to other hair removal at-home laser treatments, is more reliable and trusted and works well on Fitzpatrick I to IV skin type with amazing results. It is the only trusted device that is FDA cleared, which gives satisfying and permanent results.

The device targets on small areas and reduces hair from that particular area, disabling the hair follicles to grow hair again. With frequent use, you can see visible results and can get smooth and soft skin.

It hurts less and is powerful enough to reduce hair regrowth, not only that it can be safely used on facial hair as well. At the same time, most laser devices do not give the freedom of being used on face and can damage facial skin, but Tria 4x also ensures that your facial hair growth is reduced as well as your face doesn’t get scars after the treatment.

Moreover, Tria has a long as well as a strong reputation. It might be a bit costlier than other laser devices, but the money you spend on it is worth it. Even if it is more expensive than the laser devices, it is still cheaper than the laser treatment done at the dermatologist. With the cost it comes, it ensures quality treatment and works as good as a laser treatment in a clinical lab.

Are the Results Permanent?

When you start using Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x, it is suggested that you take at least eight treatments as the company instructs it.

You can use it frequently for at least two weeks to see the results that your hair growth has stopped, if not reduced. Gradually after using it more, you can see if the hair growth has stopped or not.

If you still see some hair growth don’t worry as it is most likely that you have not targeted that particular area well, and hence the follicles might not be disabled. You can re-treat that area and see the results.

The results are more likely to be permanent in most of the people who use the device, but it depends on skin type and hair type as well as the hair color of individuals.

Is it safe?

Tria 4x guarantees safe usage. It might hurt a little since it is a laser treatment, but except that this device is more gentle in use rather than the laser treatment at a clinical lab.

This device is so gentle that you could use it on your face, too, without worrying about any scars. It might sting a little, but otherwise, there are not any other drawbacks of using it.

The treatment does leave redness on your skin, or it could also burn a little, but putting ice on the irritated follicles can ease your burning sensation, and it could help in settling the bumps that might come up on your skin after the therapy.

Tria 4x does not have any side effects as such apart from stinging and a little bit of burning sensation. It does not damage your skin at any cost, rather makes it smoother and softer.

You can trust this product as its technology works as it sets its intensity according to your skin type and leaves no chance of damaging your skin or causing any kind of side effects.

It guarantees safe usage, so even if you use it frequently, you won’t be facing any side effects or skin damage whatsoever.

One piece of advice that has to be kept in mind is that people who are above 18 can use this laser treatment and not teenagers. Since there skin is sensitive and the laser treatment, though gentle, can end up damaging the skin of the teenagers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tria 4x

Can I use Tria 4x on the face?

Yes, Tria 4x can be used on the face as the laser technology used in the device is gentle and would cause no such harm on facial hair. It also removes coarse hair with ease and gives you smooth and soft skin afterwards.

Can laser be used on the pubic area?

It is not suggested to use the laser on pubic areas as the skin is the most sensitive there and also can be darker as compared to your entire body. Using Tria 4x in these areas can cause severe injuries, and hence you should restrict yourself from using it in such areas. Though you can use it on the bikini line.

Is Tria safe to use on face?

Yes, it is safe to use it on your face. As mentioned above, Tria 4x is a very gentle laser device that can help in reducing facial hair for women (cheek line and down). You can use it on your face without worrying about any side effects.

Is it worth the money?

Of course! Tria 4x costs ten times lesser than a laser treatment that you can get in a clinic. Even if costs lesser than the laser treatment, it is safe and user friendly as well as it comes with different benefits. It ensures quality and safety, as well as visible results, can be seen after using it frequently. This is what makes Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x a product everyone loves.

Do you have to shave before using Tria?

Yes, it is suggested to shave and cleanse your skin before using the device. It is because it works more effectively in that way. When you shave, it becomes easier for the device to target the hair follicles to disable them so that the hair growth is reduced or stopped permanently.

How many times do I need to use it?

It is advised to use at least eight times. You can use it frequently as well and could use it more than eight for two weeks or more to see the additional lesser hair growth without worrying about any skin damage or side effects.

Does it hurt?

Tria 4x comes with different levels so you can set it according to your comfort level. You could start with the low level and get used to the device first to ease off your nervousness. When you are comfortable enough with the device, you can go higher to the fifth level slowly and gradually. Going up the level also speeds up the process of the treatment and gives better results.

It might sting a bit and burn a little, but you can use ice packs to ease off the stinging and burning sensation. Once you are used to the device, it becomes a painless process.

Can men use it too?

Tria 4x is designed to reduce hair growth, be it in men or women. Anyone can use it without worrying about any side effects or without thinking that it is only meant for one gender. Men can use it too, to reduce their hair growth in underarms or the entire body for that matter.

What body parts should I avoid?

As we stated before, avoid using this device on the pubic area. In addition to that, it is also suggested that you don’t use it on the parts where you have a tattoo done, it could result in burning the tattoo. Also, it is recommended that you don’t use it in the area where you have a number of moles or freckles. It can burn the skin in such areas and can cause injuries.

The Bottom Line

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x is an amazing device to have at your home so that you can get rid of your body hair quickly and comfortably sitting at your couch. With this device, you don’t have to worry about getting your hands and legs waxed or shaved for that matter.

Just use this device to see amazing results. What’s better is that men and women both can use this device. You just have to keep in mind what skin tone you have and what hair color you have, and you are set to give yourself a laser treatment from this amazing device. It comes in different cute colors to choose from. You can buy this product from Amazon.

It has a very user-friendly interface, as well as doesn’t damage your skin. It costs less, and it is just perfect for reducing your hair growth or even stopping them from growing!

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