A Day Full of Wellness at TAF Special Focus Accent Prime | My Experience

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On Saturday, last week I was invited to a blogger’s event by TAF & Accent Prime and it was all about fitness and nutrition.

I was all excited about it as these days I’m focusing on my fitness the most and this was the best time to learn something new and eccentric.

If you’re looking for quick results on fat loss, body contouring and making yourself more gorgeous by delaying aging, I’ll be letting you on in a little secret to achieve that.

Because what I’m talking about today will be on this amazing weight loss program by T.A.F which promises you a beautiful body with a de-stressed mind and heart.

Keep reading my post to know more about this!

TAF Accent Prime Review Experience

About TAF Wellness:

TAF follows a holistic approach to REVERSE YOUR FAT in combination with the world’s best technologies to create the Best Version of You, whereas most centers follow a linear approach to FAT LOSS. The clinic follows 5 A’s practice – Assess, Aim, Act, Attain & Adopt to provide holistic health to their clients.

Grounded in the belief that ‘everyone is beautiful’, TAF at the Sheesham Courtyard is the holistic wellness center that makes you simply the best that you can be glowing, healthy and complete. Like our Patron Sheesham tree which emits its aura of tranquility and healing, allow our mind and body experts to shower you with their skilled care and watch yourself emerge, quite simply the best version of yourself.

What does TAF offer?

  • Getting rid of postpregnancy belly fat loss and shaping
  • Holistic fat loss with good nutrition
  • Removing loose fat on arms & thighs,
  • Reverse the impact and impart rejuvenation of aging on the skin, double chin, wrinkles, etc.
  • Fat and cellulite reduction- through Fat freezing and Radiofrequency technologies
  • Body and Face contouring- through Radiofrequency ultrasound

My Experience at TAF & Accent Prime

I reached there around 11 AM and was warmly welcomed by TAF founder Ms. Manisha Arora and had a great discussion and FAQ about weight management and body shaping with her and Accent Prime team. Lots of myths about weight loss were busted as well. The place was upbeat in ambiance and was filled with a lively aura.

You might be wondering what exactly is TAF. It has a unique concept i.e when you reverse the word Fat, You get Taf and that’s the USP of the brand. They not just aim at weight loss but also stress management, good food good nutrition and becoming your best version.

TAF Accent Prime Review Experience

Even if you’ve got a perfectly shaped body, you’ll have some imperfections here and there which you cover up beautifully but there’s no permanent way to get rid of it.

That’s where TAF comes to rescue with their scientific approach to fat loss. They target those areas where even gym balls and dumbbells go unaffected. And not to mention how much effort, dedication, and hard work it takes to achieve that chiseled body.

So tired of hitting the gym and getting no results can be depressing. That’s why the fat loss program invented by this wellness center is recommendable especially when you’ve got health issues which stop you from going to the gym or if you’re a busy bee but still want to be fit as a fiddle! I’ve already listed the services they offer above.

TAF Accent Prime Review Experience

TAF Accent Prime Review Experience

TAF Accent Prime Review Experience

TAF Accent Prime Review Experience

After the discussion session, we were taken to the wellness center’s tour and was enlightened about their different services and sections. There were seven rooms which served different purposes like a steam bath, ultrasound treatment room, and massage rooms. They even had a grooming section where different grooming services were provided.

Now comes the best part, TAF Chef is their in-house chef section who makes wholesome and yummy meals with very few calories. They offer vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and high protein options in their everyday menu. You can check out the photos below of their amazing in-house chef section and what I relished on:

TAF Accent Prime Review Experience

TAF Accent Prime Review Experience

TAF Accent Prime Review Experience

TAF Accent Prime Review Experience

TAF has installed Accent Prime machine by Alma Lasers which uses radiofrequency and ultrasound technologies to treat problems areas of fat in the body.

After checking out their well lit and good smelling rooms, one of the bloggers went for a trial. She wanted to go for losing fat on arms. We also got to see the overall experience as she went through the ultrasound and radiofrequency treatment to get her arms toned.

I was intrigued as well and opted for MiniSpeed and UniBody treatment which targeted fat in my arms. I went for the process and it wasn’t that complicated. The staff was very friendly and calmed me down as I went through the treatment. A hot steel-like handle was used and massaged on the arms to get rid of the fat. It took around 45-55 minutes for both arms and the result was very much noticeable. I lost a few centimeters of fat in my tricep area and my skin definitely looked taut so this thing definitely works perfectly.

I had a great time at the event and got to know a lot about weight management and the importance of good food in maintaining the perfect weight. So all in all, it was a knowledgeable experience! You can check out TAF Wellness’s website to book an appointment or know more about their services.


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