10 Fashionable Ways To Wear a Shawl

Winter season is all about warm jackets, stylish boots, and comforting shawls and warm coffee. Most women underestimate the power of styling your outfit with a shawl. Wearing a shawl is commonly underrated. In today’s article, we’re going to discover ten fashionable ways to wear a shawl.

BEWARE! this article will want you to shop more shawls for your closet! Keep reading to go stylish!

Stylish Ways To Wear a Shawl

Belted – Ways To Wear a Shawl
  1. Belted Shawl

Open your shawl, and make a triangle, now wrap it around your shoulders, accessorize it with a help of a belt around your waist, the belt will ensure that the shawl stays at the place. Also, it will make you look like you have an hourglass figure, Voila! The look will keep you warm and stylish at the same time!

Ways To Wear a Shawl
Classic Wrap – Ways To Wear a Shawl
  1. Classic Wrap

This is truly a classic way to wear your shawl, all you need to do is make a triangle, and drape it behind your neck, now take both the ends and Cross over each other taking it behind the neck and tie it so that it is secured. Wear a pair of sunglasses and you’ll look like a fashion blogger! 

Ways To Wear a Shawl
Modest Wrap – Ways To Wear a Shawl
  1. Modest Wrap

This is one of my favorite ways to wear a shawl, all you need to do is make a triangle and wear it on the chest area keeping the ends on your back, now cross over the ends and pull it back in the front. Adjust the shawl just like you see in the picture. And you’re officially ready for an Instagram selfie! Say cheese!

Ways To Wear a Shawl
90s Wrap – Ways To Wear a Shawl
  1. The 90’s wrap

Doesn’t she look like a woman from a 90’s movie? Another simple way to wear a shawl. Keep your shawl on your shoulders like so, now warp one end to the opposite shoulder and another end to the opposite shoulder. And you’re good to go!

Fashion Tip- To get the most out of your look, pair it with big earrings, messy bun, and red lipstick!

Ways To Wear a Shawl
Half Tied – Ways To Wear a Shawl
  1. Half Tied Shawl

Make a triangle of your shawl, place it on your chest keeping the ends behind (just like we take a dupatta) cross over the ends at the back of your neck and pull the ends in the front now tie two knots of the ends to secure it. Adjust the rest of shawl like the picture.

Ways To Wear a Shawl
Double Crossover – Ways To Wear a Shawl
  1. Double Crossover

Place the shawl on your shoulders and cross over to the other shoulder and place it in the front. Now take the right hand below the loop and pull the left end inside. Likewise, take the left hand into the neck loop and pull the right end inside. Adjust and your double-crossed shawl look is completed.

Ways To Wear a Shawl
Flyaway Vest – Ways To Wear a Shawl
  1. The Flyaway Vest

For this look fold the shawl into a half, and tie the ends. You’re left with two big holes in the shawl. Wear it like you wear a vest, so effortlessly stylish, it looks like your wearing a new top! What a wise way to use a shawl!

Fashion Tip- To wear the flyaway vest use a plain color sweater or t-shirt below to pop out the shawl even more. Wear a long neck chain, and high winter boots to look more fashionable.

Ways To Wear a Shawl
Kernel’s Wrap – Ways To Wear a Shawl
  1. The Kernel’s shawl

It seems to complicate but it’s way too easy! Fold your shawl into two equal parts and place it on the shoulders. Remove one end from the loop, now pull the loop and twist it, it looks like an 8 in the picture and removes the other end from within. It’s that simple! Another look for good shawl.

Ways To Wear a Shawl
Superman’s Cape – Ways To Wear a Shawl
  1. Superman’s cape

This look is inspired by our beloved Superman! Simply drape over the shawl on your shoulders, tie the ends in the front. Let the rest of shawl flow behind like a cape!

Basic Headwrap – Ways To Wear a Shawl
  1. Basic Headwrap

If the weather is too cold to handle. Drape the shawl around the head. And keep both the ends in the front. The look will keep you warm and cozy. To look more stylish pair yourself with sunglasses. And a sling bag. (Awarded as the best winter look for bad hair days by The Beautyholic)

Hope you enjoy your winter with these stylish shawl looks.  What’s your favorite look! Comment below, we’re excited to know!

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