Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Spellbound : Review

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Hello lady loves! How have you been lately? If you ask me, I’m really tensed as my end-semester exams are coming near and I need to study hard. I just wish there were no exams! 


Now enough with my rants, I’m here with a review on Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick in shade Spellbound. It’s the lipstick that I’d wear any day without thinking much. Let’s get started with the review now!
Rs. 220/- for 4.2 gm



The first thing I like in Street Wear lipsticks is that they have beautiful girls’ cartoon printed over the lipstick cap which instantly catches the eye. It’s obvious that it’s targeted for the fun-loving, college going girls but it seems that ladies of every age group love using it. But the downside is that the bullet of the lipstick doesn’t go back fully to its bottom which leads to scraping off the lipstick. I really need to be careful while putting the cap back.
Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lip Color Spellbound Review



Texture of this lipstick looks creamy on the bullet and even after applying it goes smoothly on lips. It has a mild vanilla fragrance. It settles into semi-matte finish after few seconds. It doesn’t feather and stays intact. For dry lips, using a lip balm is recommended.


Spellbound is a warm and neutral pink shade with a hint of mauve which will flatter lips on any occasion. If worn in full intensity it might wash out darker skin tones but 2 light swipes would do! I highly recommend it for daily use! 

Pigmentation is fine and covers the lips in 2 swipes whereas pigmented lips may need 2-3 swipes to fully cover the pigmentation. Layers of lipstick can be built and still it won’t look caked up.

Since it’s low priced lipstick you couldn’t expect much but it gives a wear time of 3 hours without meals and meals fade it a little but a tint is always left behind. After fading it leaves the lips dry for which I always put a lip balm on.


  • Pretty neutral pink shade for every skin tone.
  • Moisturizing formula which gives a semi-matte finish
  • Considering the price, staying power is decent.


  • It’s packaging isn’t sturdy and cracks can be seen on the cap.
  • Lipstick gets scraped off every time I put on the cap so extra attention is needed always.


Final Word:
Street Wear lipsticks are affordable, moisturizing and good in terms of pigmentation. It offers variety of shades which are under the budget. This particular shade is buildable and apt for college and office since it’s neutral. For me, it’s a bright and summery shade! I recommend it if you love soft and neutral pink shades!
Have you tried Street Wear lipsticks? What do you think about this shade?

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