Philips Kerashine Temp Control Hair Straightener Review – Hp8318

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A good hairstyle forms an essential and inseparable part of any look. Your makeup is on point, your dress is amazing, your shoes and accessories are stealing the show, and all of this could be ruined by your un-styled hair.

Your hair not only completes your look but also adds extra bam! to it. There are dozens of hairstyling variants out there. But I believe a straightener is a primary and useful tool that everyone should have.

Philips Kerashine Temp Control Hair Straightener Review

For if you have no time or ideas, you could just straighten your hair, leave them open, and slay the look. It also helps you create various curls like – half curls, heavy curls, loose curls, beachy waves, and much more. Today, we will review one such straightener from a very famous and reputed brand – Philips. And the straightener is the Philips Kerashine Temp Control Hp8318/00.

About Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Extra care & Control: It is a hair straightener designed to give you salon-styled hair without causing excess damage. It comes with temperature control, ionic technology, and keratin coating that lets you straighten and style your hair just as you like. The straightener has extra-large plates for thicker and longer hair. These also reduce damage and duration. The ionic technology ensures shiny, frizz-free hair, and the keratin coating doesn’t expose your hair to excess heat. It heats up within a minute and comes with a 1.8 m long cord.

Price: it retails for INR 2995  | Buy it here

Philips Kerashine Temp Control Hair Straightener Hp8318/00 Review

Philips Kerashine Temp Control Hair Straightener Review

So, the straightener comes packaged in a very sturdy cardboard box. It has some weight like it feels heavy and considerable and not air-weight like those cheap alternatives.

This Philips straightener looks very vibrant, chic, and overall its design is beautiful.

Its 1.8-meter long cord is sufficient for use. I personally had no issues with the cord. The narrow end of the straightener makes it easy to hold on to and has a secure grip. This part never gets heated up at all, so it’s safe as well.

So there is a slide lock at the part where the cord begins. And as soon as the straightener is plugged in, a green light on the lower left side will brighten up, indicating the same.

Now, there are three symbols present beside the green light (O) indicating no temperature is set, (|) indicating the temperature 190°C, and (||) indicating the temperature 210°C. There is a small slide button present above these symbols through which you can adjust the desired temperature.

Overall, the straightener is very easy to use. Just plug it in a few minutes before you begin styling your hair. Adjust the temperature to your desire.

And that’s it. Now I personally use a sleek comb while straightening for better results. What you have to do is just take a part of your hair comb it really well.

Then start straightening your hair from the top and keep your comb below the straightener so that your hair gets combed immediately before straightening.

I saw this trick in a Nykaa ad video, and the results are just flawless.

  • Use a comb, but you can use any sleek, close bristled hairbrush.
  • Go over a part of the hair two times and wait for about 15 seconds before sliding the straightener down. I have long but thin to medium volume hair, so it takes me about 10 minutes.

When I first used it, I was terrified about this straightener because I could see steam coming off, and as soon as I removed the iron and touched my hair, they were really hot to touch.

Now my hair is fragile, so I got scared that my hair will fall off due to such heat. But, surprisingly, nothing like that happened. The iron did make my hair hot, but it faded off almost immediately, and I had no hair fall issues.

The straightening effect is indeed salon-like. It’s sleek and just perfect. Now, it obviously makes your hair harsh but not too much. Still, you must go in with a strong conditioner or hair serum before using this straightener so that your hair retains that softness and shine after straightening.

The straightening effect stays pretty well for a day or so. Actually, I have really stubborn-wavy hair, so I cannot comment on the staying power of the effect.

But still, if on my ultra stubborn hair, the straightening effect stayed for almost a day, then it’s strong, that much I can say.

You can also create tight and loose curls or just beachy waves with this straightener very easily. I like to take some of my front hair and curl them twisting the iron away from my face. And straighten the rest of my hair and then curl the bottom half.

This style looks really pretty and stays for about 6 hours or so (when I applied the softening conditioner and no serum or setting spray).

The old straightener that I used made my hair harsh and made them fall as well, but this one by Philips makes hair less harsh, makes them frizz-free, and I personally had no hair-fall issues after using it.

Note: No matter how good a straightener is, never use it daily or too often because it will damage your hair. Use it occasionally and always give your hair love and care to maintain its health.


  • Availability.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Straightens hair quickly.
  • The straightening effect is strong and will stay for a considerable time.
  • It gives a salon-like straightening effect, which is very sleek and flawless.
  • Justifies its price tag.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • Has temperature and lock options.
  • It looks very stylish.
  • You can use it to make different hairstyles, even curls.


  • Gives no smoothing effect as such. You would need to use a softening product; otherwise, your hair will become harsh.
  • Steams your hair, which can be bad for sensitive hair.

Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Extra Care & Control
  • Rating

Final Word

I absolutely love this straightener by Philips. It gives me that perfectly styled hair every time. It does make your hair a bit harsh but it is nothing and it can be fixed with a serum or a conditioner. The large plates of the straightener is a boon for thick hair beauties because it will make the work easy and quick for them. Coming from a trustworthy brand this straightener is definitely one of the best ones out there and one of my favorites as well. Do give it a try and you will see for yourself.

Have you tried Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temp Extra care & Control? Let me know in the comments below!

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