Why Nose Bridge Piercing is Cooler Than Traditional Nose Piercing

Want to find a way to stand out in the crowd? Look no further – a Nose Bridge Piercing is the answer. The bridge piercing is also called the ‘Erl’ piercing. It involves piercing on the bridge of the nose. Erl van Aken was the first person ever to get one of these piercings. Therefore it’s called ‘Bridge Piercing.’

What is Nose Bridge Piercing?

nose bridge piercing

A bridge piercing is a piercing in the area between the eyes, on the nose. The bridge is pierced with a barbell which is a straight bar with two bells on either side.

The procedure is a pretty simple one. A bridge piercing falls in the category of a surface piercing, and given how thin the skin is around your nasal area, your piercer will use a small needle to pierce the skin.

Before the piercing begins, the area is cleaned with an antiseptic and the piercer marks where the needle will enter and exit to ensure that the piercing is symmetrical. Then a mock jewelry gauge is inserted. The gauge will be as big as the pierced area of the skin. After the piercing has healed, you can replace it with a barbell of your choice.

Nose Bridge Piercing vs. Septum Piercing

Bridge piercing is different from septum piercing. You have celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga flaunting them. Septum piercings look very cool, and there are tons of jewelry options to choose from.

A septum piercing will hurt just as much as a normal ear piercing since it does not pierce through cartilage. The healing period is similar, and so are the precautions. However, a septum piercing has lesser chances of rejection and migration.

Considering how a septum piercing will look on you is easier because fake septum rings are readily available. Unlike a nose bridge piercing, you can actually wear a fake septum ring to see if it suits you. Another plus point for the septum piercing is that if you ever decide you don’t want it anymore and remove it, the scar will not be as visible as removing your bridge piercing. No doubt septum piercings are very cool, but a nose bridge is definitely more unique.

nose bridge piercing procedure
How is a Nose Bridge Piercing Done | Source: Youtube

Pain Level

Of course, everyone has a different threshold for pain, but a bridge piercing doesn’t top the charts for one of the most painful piercings out there. The site of the piercing is located close to the cartilage, so the pain intensity is medium. Most piercers described it as a sting. The sensation is fleeting and doesn’t last more than ten seconds, so don’t let the pain factor stop you from getting your nose bridge piercing.

Risks associated with bridge piercing

All piercings come with their fair share of risks. After all, you are placing a foreign object into your body. Not to scare you with the risks involved but making an informed decision is necessary.

As a bridge piercing is a surface piercing, it has a high probability of migration, rejection, and sacring. Rejection occurs because of the piercing; your body senses that an unfamiliar object has entered the body and begins to reject it.

There are many reasons why rejection happens -either you could have sensitive skin, and the pierced gauge is not agreeing with your skin, or the piercing may not have been done correctly. It can also happen if you fail to care properly for the piercing, which would result in an infection.

Rejection is your body’s way of protecting yourself. It senses that something is not right with the piercing and begins to push it out of the body to protect the skin. Migration is the process of the piece of jewelry being pushed out. Eventually, the piece of jewelry is completely pushed out of the skin leaving behind a scar.

Here are some signs that rejection is beginning:

  • The area starts to feel sore and sensitive
  • The skin around the piercing becomes thin, so thin that you can see the gauge through the skin.
  • The jewelry hangs loosely on the skin because it is being pushed towards the surface.
  • The pierced hole starts becoming bigger.

Rejection and migration can take varying periods, maybe it can happen over a few weeks or a few years after the piercing is done. Once it begins, there is nothing you can do to stop it; it’s best to remove the piercing and let it heal.

Healing Time

A bridge piercing is a full-time investment. Before getting one, you must ensure that you have adequate time to care for it. You cannot get the piercing one day and then decide to take it off the next day. The piercing will need ample time to heal, and you can’t fidget with it. If the piercing does not heal properly, there are chances of you getting an infection.

How to avoid an Infection after the Procedure

• Regularly clean the area with cotton buds dipped in salt water solution. You can either DIY it at home or buy it from where you get your piercing done.
• This might be a challenging one for us girls, but you will have to stay away from makeup products during the initial healing period. Using makeup in the area around the nose bridge and eyes will increase the likelihood of you getting an infection, so it is best to stay away from makeup for a while.
• Eating a nutritious diet will help you in the long run. It will ensure the healing happens faster.
• Take a break from swimming and alcohol.

If everything goes well, the bridge piercing will take approximately 8 to 12 weeks to heal completely. How quickly it heals also depends on how diligently you care for it and your personal hygiene practices. Aftercare is even more critical for a nose bridge piercing because these piercings have a significantly high chance of migration and or rejection.

How much will a nose bridge piercing cost?

A nose bridge piercing can cost anywhere between $40 to $90, depending on where you get it done and your piercer.

Wondering if you will be able to carry off a bridge piercing?

Deciding whether to get a piercing done is a huge decision. It is a potentially life-altering decision; after all, you will be changing the way your face looks.

Before getting the piercing, make sure you have thoroughly thought through your decision. Think and re-think about it. Ask your friends for their opinion, but remember that your opinion is the one that matters the most.

If you are confused about how it will look, you can create your makeshift piercing by placing two bindis on either side of your nose bridge. You will need to keep the bindis on for some time and see how you look and feel with them on. This will give you an idea of how the piercing will look and help you make a decision.

Another way to see how a bridge piercing will look on you before getting it done is to use the magic of photoshop. Edit a barbell onto your face where you want the piercing to sit. Do it to a bunch of photos so you can see how it will look from different angles. This can help prep for your piercing and squash all your doubts about it not suiting you.

The most fun part – Bling options for your bridge piercing


Bridge piercings are mostly done with a straight or curved barbell because it’s a surface piercing. You cannot change the jewelry until the piercing has healed completely. After the piercing has healed, you have a variety of options to chose from.

There is a variation of colors and metals to pick from. You can even pick a nylon barbell. Because of its location, a captive head ring is not an option; however, You can wear a D-shaped ring.

Alternate locations for a bridge piercing

If a nose bridge piercing is not up to your alley, there are other locations for a bridge piercing you can consider.
Bridge piercings can also be done on your fingers and toes, cheekbone and behind the neck. See which one suits your personality the best!


Piercings have been a part of cultures for many years, and they were ways to represent a group’s culture. Now piercings are more of a fashion statement and a way for people to express their individuality. A piercing adds an exciting element to your personality and is a conversation starter. If you are looking for a way to stand out in the crowd and make a statement with your piercing, then a bridge piercing is the way to go. With its unique jewelry, it will undoubtedly set you apart from the crowd.

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  1. I’ve never been a ‘I want to get my nose pierced’ kind of girl. But it was still nice to learn about nose bridge piercing.

  2. Greetings!
    I’m a guy with fairly high pain tolerance and found the bridge piercing to be fairly low on the pain scale!!! Probably lower than a conch piercing! I originally had mine pierced with a 14g straight barbell and when it started to get irritated at the entrance and exit points, I then had my piercer put in a curved barbell…less than a week after the initial piercing. This reduced the pressure on the bridge nose bone as I was getting some headaches from the straight bar not conforming to the curvature of the nose bridge. Once the curved bar was installed, it settled down very nicely and I hardly even notice it’s there!!! You have to be very careful to keep it moisturized around the entry and exit points to avoid any irritation and itchiness!!!…you DON’T want the bar to migrate outwards!!! I used cold pressed hemp seed oil to reduce and mitigate any irritation as well as helping it heal!!! I expect it to be a fairly fast healing considering it is in a placement that is not covered or receives any movement. I just have to be careful when putting on my eyeglasses…have to mount directly inwards to seat properly…not a problem…I just have to get in the proper habit!!! When glasses are on, it nicely conceals the bridge piercing!!!…nice bonus!

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