My New Year Resolutions For 2018 | Personal Commitments

Happy new year lovelies. This year, I don’t have cliche resolutions like losing weight, going to the gym, and so on.

This year I’ve decided to work on myself, stop committing mistakes of the past and value everything that’s around me.

So I’ve decided to share with you all my new year resolution for 2018. These are not just resolutions but wise words that I’m going to apply in my life.

I hope you’ll like reading them and feel free to steal some of my resolutions.

My New Year Resolutions For 2018 | the beautyholic
  1. Choose people who choose you

Once and for all, I live up to this advice. Don’t we commit this mistake most of the time? Choose the wrong people over the right ones and regret. That happened to me frequently. I’ve become wise with experience enough to know who’s going to stick for me and who’s not so I’m choosing the ones who’ll choose me over and over.

  1. Cherish my close relationships

I believe I should let go of my ego when it comes to special relationships in my life because relationships are precious than anything else. I will not cut off with someone who is close to me just because of a small argument or a clash. Fights, disagreements are normal in any relationship, so I’d never let my ego or anger come in the way.

  1. Always, always listen to my heart

As cliché as it sounds, it’s actually positive to listen to your heart. There were times when I listened to my heart and my decision was in my favor. Most of us carry a practical approach that doesn’t work out every time. I usually go to a quiet place, preferably in nature, and figure out what I want in life. That way I get sure what’s best for me.

  1. Stay grounded

Flying high feels so amazing but whatever you achieve, whether big or small, it’s always good to be close to the ground. We’re just humans and it’s good for us to be down-to-earth and kind.

  1. Find my purpose

We, as human beings have a purpose in our lives. Each of us is sent with a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. For some, it might be to help people in a certain way or contribute our knowledge and wisdom to the world. Your purpose can be anything, you just need to find it. I’m finding my purpose by calming my mind, engaging in mindfulness, which means living and focusing on the present. Meditation or listening to relaxing music is a good way to quieten the mind and find your purpose by thinking deeply.

  1. Be more productive

Last year was proof of how much I procrastinated. It was a hectic year with a lot of things like admissions, exams, health issues and was an emotional rollercoaster ride. This new year I swear to stick to my personal goals and to-do. I want to be more regular in blogging. I want to complete all of my college assignments on time.

  1. Be more social and open

It’s a fact that a human does need another human. Being an introvert, I’ve been mostly content with my own shell. But too much solitude isn’t a healthy thing and I realized that I need to be with people. We don’t just hang out with people but also learn new things from them, hear their stories and closely tie with them. Sometimes it’s good to be with a company, obviously a good one. So, I’ve decided to keep an open heart and mind when approaching people. You never know you could find a best friend or a soulmate in them.

  1. Be more independent

I like to do things on my own but there are certain things I depend on people with. This year I want to focus on making myself independent, do things on my own and traveling is one of them. A solo trip sounds enthralling. Even a girls’ trip would be cool. I’m so excited! Also, being financially independent is one of my big goals I’d like to achieve this year.

  1. Keeping myself happy is my own responsibility

I learned this lesson in 2017. I relied on other people for my happiness. I gave them the responsibility of keeping me happy when it was the only mine. It was when I realized that my happiness is my own responsibility and depending on others will make me unhappier.

  1. No more rantings on social media

Although I’ve stopped posting about every personal issue on social media years ago, I’d still like to remind myself to make good use of it. There are many ways to express your thoughts and using the right words is the key. Posting personal stuff or personal problems can cause more trouble than anyone could imagine. Accept that virtual life is another life and it should not interfere with your personal one.

If you’d made it till this end, you’re amazing. It would be great if you’d leave a comment about your thoughts on this post. Have a fabulous year ahead!

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  1. This one just gave me such a positive start to the day! Guess it’s never too late to start making resolutions. ???? Well done! ????????

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