Must Have Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin Tones

Lipstick. One word that drives crazy almost all the women of the world. It just not enhances the beauty of lips but also gives them a proper definition. There are different types of shades, formula and texture available that suit different ladies. I’ll talk about those shades today which you should totally own!

Neutral and Earthy shades
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Coral, dusty rose, light pink/brown and peach are perfect examples of neutral and earthy shades. These shades are neither bright nor dull and gives a balanced look. They look amazing paired with smokey eyes.
Ideal for: Daily wear to college/office/formal occasions. They give a casual look for outings too.
Pastel shades
Pastel shades are pink, coral orange, light beige. They are most suited on fair skin tones and might wash out medium and dusky girls. Pastel shades are known to draw attention from wrinkles.
Ideal for: Apply these shades for a young and energetic look.
The classic ‘Red’ shades
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Red is the shade that will go with anything. Wear red when confused and you’re all sorted. Red is for passionate ladies and is a must have. Just make sure you choose a right red according to your skin tone.
Ideal for: Clubbing, parties, weddings and functions.
Deep Berry shades
Deep shades include plum, magenta, cherry red, maroon are rich, deep shades which flatter every skin tone. They don’t need to be worn intensely and sheer wash would look perfect if you don’t prefer dark shades.
Ideal for: Evening parties and functions, weddings, romantic dinner 😉
Nude brown shades
Okay, I know brown is out of fashion but lighter strokes of brown will give your lips a nude look. Choose hazelnut shade for fair skin tones and dark chocolate shades for duskier ones.
Ideal for: Office wear, mature ladies and for a sophisticated look.
Muted Bronze/Orange shades
If pure orange is too loud for you, opt for muted orange shades like rusty orange, coral-orange which have orange as a dominant color. 
Ideal for: Outings, college, formal meetings, functions. 
These were the shades which I think are total must haves specially for Indian, sun-kissed skin tones. Did I miss out any shade that you’d like to recommend? Tell it in the comments!

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