Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon Review – Dark Chocolate

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Lip crayons are making a comeback. Just think about how easy it is to use. If you have reservations about them, let me take a moment to change that. So, lip crayons are lipstick that is shaped like a chunky crayon. You use it to color in your lips like with lipstick. But with much ease. My favorite is Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon, and I’m going to tell you why you should try it out too!

Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon Review

About the product: 

Maybelline New York introduces the new Color Show Intense Crayon. Perfect lips, no matter what your shade. High coverage pigment to cover dark, uneven lips. SPF 17 and honey protects darkening and dryness. Ten intense lip perfecting matte shades

  • Enriched with an ultra-care hydrating formula.
  • Vibrant moisture-rich shades.
  • Lip color doesn’t fade in extreme heat and humidity.
  • Shades to suit all Indian skin tones.

Price: Rs. 399

Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon Review – Dark Chocolate

Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon is available in 10 vibrant colors. I use it in color Dark Chocolate (M309) every day. I am a huge fan of brown shades, and this is my favorite one yet. In my review for Revlon Matte Lip Balm, I had mentioned why browns were a great suit for Indian women. The color is a dark chocolate brown and burgundy. 

Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon Dark Chocolate

Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon Dark Chocolate Review

I think that color demands an explanation. How can it be two colors at a time? For daily use, I just dab it on. It gives me a light burgundy color edging towards a beautiful pink. I have entirely colorless lips with slight darkening near the lipline. So just dabbing on the lip color instead of running it over my lips gives me natural pink lips. For a night out, I put on a thick layer. Though the color has been described as dark brown, it gives me more of very deep burgundy with a brown tint. It brightens up my face instantly, like magic! 

The lip color is a chunky crayon with a retractable bottom. The top and the retractable bottom are black, while the crayon is the same as the lip color. Because of its retractable bottom, you never have to sharpen the product, thus preventing the product from being wasted. It has a perfectly shaped tip that helps apply it precisely over your lip line. But like any other lipstick product, the shape lasts only for the first few applications. It then becomes a flat round, but this doesn’t make it difficult to apply. The lip crayon is incredibly lightweight and travel-friendly. It has a slight candy smell initially, but it fades with time. 

The formula is super creamy and very easy to apply. It glides on smoothly, with no tugs or pulls. It is enriched with SPF 17, which is a definitive plus over regular lipstick. The product also contains honey, which the brand claims help reduce the darkening of the lips. The crayon is hydrating and doesn’t dry out your lips. For a matte color, this is a rare quality as matte usually sucks the hydration out of your lips. It moisturizes your lips, so you don’t necessarily need to apply a moisturizer beneath it. But in case you use only a little of the product, your lips may become dry. When I just dab the product for daily use, I noticed that my lips dry out.

Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon gives you a highly pigmented matte color. It is not a 100% matte look. The formula is super smooth that easily (extremely easily) glides over your lips. Owing to the formula, it has a slightly glossy finish. So it is more like a 90% matte. Blot your lips on a tissue paper, and it will give you a more matte finish. High pigmentation content means that you will only need a little amount of product for intense color.

The color stays on only for a short time. When I go out and used it darkly, I will have a medium color remaining at the end of the day. If I have food in between, by the end of the meal, I have only a light color remaining on my lips. So, I have to retouch it, at least slightly, a minimum of 2 times for 8 hours. So lets fairly say that it lasts for 3-4 hours before it needs to be applied again. It transfers easily if you touch your lips or onto your cup. This is one thing that I dislike about the product, and it is probably due to the color formula, which, as I mentioned, is creamy and not 100% matte.

In case you have applied color darkly, you will need to use makeup remover or vaseline to remove the color. I usually apply a thick coat of vaseline and use circular motions to loosen up the color. I then wipe it off with a towel. This helps me to be less harsh on my lips. But as I said, for daily use, I use only a little color. In that case, I use water and towel to remove the color. In case my lip has dried out, it will require a little bit of tug and pull to get it off. Otherwise, it comes right off.

The definitive advantage of the product is its price. The product, sold at Rs 399, is one of the lowest prices that you can find in the market for a product of such high quality.


  • Highly pigmented, so only less product is required.
  • Super creamy, easy to apply.
  • SPF 17 and honey for helping with darkness.
  • Moisturizes the lips, does not dry out.
  • Affordable, lightweight and travel-friendly.


  • Transfers easily and not long-lasting.
  • Not as matte as claimed.
Maybelline Color Show Intense Crayon
  • Rating

Final Word

Its the perfect lip crayon I have come across. It is highly pigmented and super easy to use. The super-moisturizing formula keeps lips from cracking. It is ideal for daily wear, but also for a night out as you can easily adjust the color by adjusting the amount you apply. I will repurchase this (and again).

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