Lux Magical Spell Body Wash – Review

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Hey beautiful! How have you been? I guess looking out for more amazing beauty stuff right? Cause so am I! Don’t you feel the weather is changing? So is our mood for trying out different products. From many days months I haven’t been using any body wash and instead using soaps. I was looking for a body wash with a lovely fragrance. So I found this – Lux Magical Spell Body Wash and using it ever since and loving it. Thought I should share my experience with it. Hang on ladies and keep reading my review!

Price and Quantity: Rs. 150/- for 240 ml

Shelf Life: 30 months


Lux Magical Spell Fragranced Body Wash comes in a plastic bottle with a golden screw cap which also has a press open mechanism which I find advantageous. It dispenses little amount each time. Consistency of body wash is thick and creamy and it’s purple in color with micro shimmers.

My Experience: These are the characteristics I want in a body wash – should lather well, should be heavenly scented, should get easily rinsed and doesn’t dry out my skin. Lux soaps are known to dry out skin but their body washes are expected to perform better so I got this. It has an enchanting fragrance of Juniper Oil and Black Orchids. It smells like an Attar/ittar (perfume oil) which is distinct and unique. I describe it as seductive and natural. I expected a free loofah with it but offer wasn’ available with this item. I should’ve searched more online to get one with loofah. 

I take a dime sized product and apply it on my wet skin and it lathers well. Then I gently scrub with loofah. The best thing for me is that it gets rinsed easily without leaving any slippery feeling that I hate and this is what stopped me from using body washes. It cleans out dirt pretty well and leaves my skin soft and radiant. It leaves a mild scent on body that lingers for a while. Fragrance totally depends on the quantity used. I love how it smells and this always prompts me to have a shower soon. It doesn’t dry out skin but doesn’t moisturize either. You need a good body lotion/moisturizer post bath. All in all, this is the body wash I needed, it fits in my criteria.

● Smells divine, you can’t help but smell it again and again.
● Cleans skin effectively.
● Leaves no slippery feeling or residue behind.
● Price is affordable and low.
● Press open cap saves time.

● Can be drying for very dry skin but a moisturizer would take cake of it.
● Fragrance doesn’t last long enough.

Final Word: If you’re looking for a fragrant body wash that leaves skin squeaky clean without drying it much then this is what you should try! I definitely recommend it.

Rating: 4/5

What do you think about Lux Body Washes? Have you tried one? If not then what qualities do you look for in a body wash?

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