Lakme Kajal Pencil Stick – Review

We all have used kajal at least once in our life. Lakmé Kajal is the first I’ve ever used, and many of us started our first makeup days with this. Lakmé is an old and classy brand, and every girl started her makeup with its products, so I trust this brand. Today, I’ll review a kajal by Lakmé.

Price: Rs. 70/- for 2 gms

Shelf life: 3 years

Contains Camphor and castor oil.

Packaging: Lakmé Kajal comes in the form of a pencil, which is pretty thick, making it easy to hold. It has a plastic cap. The old one had a golden metallic cap, but now it’s made of plastic instead. Well, never-mind. You need to sharpen it to keep it in good shape and texture.

My experience: When I applied it for the first time, it glided smoothly on my eyes, and as it contains natural ingredients like camphor and castor oil, I felt safe using it on my waterline. It’s not the blackest of the black but a good one black. It made my eyes look very beautiful. For me, it lasted for 2 hours on my waterline, and after that, it started to smudge. I have oily skin, so it smudges easily, and I have first to pat my eye area with a powder and then apply the kajal to set it. You can also use it as a base of smokey eye makeup. It can come off easily without an eye makeup remover. The kajal claimed to help eyelashes grow longer. I didn’t notice my eyelashes growing longer but healthy lashes, which looked pretty. My mom uses this kajal for ages and swears by it. I like it too but don’t like how it smudges so that I won’t use it on a daily basis. It offers a lot considering its low price. This kajal will long at least 4-5 months of regular use.

See the swipes below:

First: Single swipe; Second: Multiple swipes.

After swiping, I rubbed my wrist with a finger, and you can see that it came off easily. A residue is left, which can be vanished completely if the water is used.

● Contains natural ingredients.
● Intense black color.
● It helps in keeping eyelashes healthy.
● Hell, low price.
● Will long last at least for 4-5 months.
● Can be wiped off easily.


● Smudges very bad.
● It hardly stays for 2 hours according to my experience.
● May settle in fine lines of the under-eye area.
● Needs to be sharpened every time that can lead to product wastage.

Final Word: If you are on a budget and prefer kajal instead of eyeliner, go for this one. It’s affordable and natural, so you can also use it at home, where you can wipe off the smudges and all and then reapply. Not for the lazy person like me :P. It will not suit oily skin people much and will be good for dry-skinned ladies. Looking at the price, you should consider buying this.

Rating: 3.5/5

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