Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face Wash for Normal Skin – Review

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Face wash is one of the basic needs of our skin and no one can do without it. When I ran out of my favorite face wash, I was confused and in hurry so I bought Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face wash for normal skin. It was just for a temporary fix and trial to see if it works for me. My review will be on this face wash today!

What it Claims: Contains active encapsulated FRUIT BUBBLES which are crushed on application to the skin and the moisturizing and softening values of fresh fruits are directly delivered to the skin. It not only cleanses, but makes skin healthy, velvety smooth and softer with every wash. 

Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Cocoamidopropylbetaine, Glycerine, Polyquaternium 39, Fruit bubbles, Xanthan gum, Acrylates / C10-30 Acrylate Crosspolymer, Trieathanolamine, Apple fruit extract, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Menthol, perfume, Disodium EDTA, CI 16185

Price: Rs. 30 for 30 ml (also available in bigger sizes)

It comes in a coral colored plastic tube with a white screw cap. As it’s a smaller tube it can be put easily in a purse or bag. Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face Wash is for normal skin types and I have an oily skin. Color is semi transparent pinkish type.

My Experience: As I mentioned, I bought this for trial and it was my first product from Joy. One thing I like about this face wash is that it smells heavenly of fresh apples and after applying on my wet face this fragrance bursts out everywhere. This face wash is in gel form with few red micro-beads. You need less quantity  per wash so it goes a long way. It spreads smoothly on face and cleanses gently. For an oily skinned person like me, gentle face washes never work out because it doesn’t clean dirt completely off my face. It gets washed off after few rinses leaving no residue. 

After washing my face, my skin didn’t dry out but felt soft and smoother. But I didn’t noticed any difference before and after washing my face. No glow, no clearer skin as I expected. My face didn’t felt squeaky clean. Perhaps it was too gentle for my skin. Don’t even think about removing makeup with this. But since it’s not a harsh cleanser, I use it whenever I feel an urge to wash my face without stripping oils. I usually use it when I’m in college for a quick face wash. But this will suit dry and normal skins very well. It keeps my skin soft for a longer period of time like 3 hours. At least it does its job as a mild cleanser. I’ll just finish this tube up and try another variant suitable for my oily skin.


  • Cleanses face gently.
  • Fragrance is refreshing of fresh apples.
  • Leaves skin soft after wash.
  • Does not clean dirt and grime effectively.
  • It can be too mild for some and sucks at removing makeup.
  • Doesn’t impart a glow to skin.
  • Ingredient list is not mentioned so I keep wondering what chemicals it might be containing.
Final Word: It’s a mild face wash which gently cleanses skin. It will suit normal, sensitive and dry skin. Don’t expect it to clean every speck of dirt on your face. It can be used whenever you want to wash your face without stripping off oils. It’s not meant for oily skin so stay away! 

Rating: 3/5

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