ITC Vivel Skin Love Bloggers Meet

ITC Vivel Skin Love Bloggers Meet Kareena Kapoor

Hello gorgeous ladies! So, on 28th of November I was invited for a bloggers meet arranged by Vivel at The Sheraton, New Delhi. I was extremely happy and excited because it was my first bloggers meet. I expected it to be my one of the most memorable event and it was! Because Kareena Kapoor Khan, Brand Ambassador of Vivel was the highlight of this event. We all must be aware of this brand ‘Vivel’ by now because of their soaps! Event was trending all around the web specially on Twitter with hashtag #VivelSkinLove.

The bloggers meet was gracefully and smoothly hosted by Dr. Mahima Bakshicelebrity Fitness and Beauty Consultant. Among the special guests were- Subash Balar (Category Head, ITC Personal Wash), Vijayan Padmanabhan (Sr. Lead Scientist from ITC’s Life Sciences Technology Centre) and  Priscilla Corner, renowned beauty expert. They all were the part of this beauty discussion.

A skin nourishment test was conducted by Mr. Vijayan Padmanabhan, Sr. Lead Scientist from ITC’s Life Sciences Technology Centre. He had a skin moisture meter which stated the moisture level of skin. After applying the Vivel’s skin ingredient on skin, moisture content instantly rose up and results were fascinating.

Mr.  Subash Balar, Category Head of ITC Personal Wash gave an insight on Vivel soap’s ratings and reviews, and it’s marked as the most trusted and unique soap among other brands! Vivel was launched in 2008 as Live Well, then livel and ultimately came to be known as Vivel. Vivel soaps are more nourishing as compared to its competitors as per the survey. He further discussed about marketing strategies and USP of their products.

ITC Vivel Skin Love Bloggers Meet

Our bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan shared some of her beauty secrets and one of them was to use natural products on skin for a natural glow. She told us she uses almond oil for hydrating skin. She hates juice as it contains lot of calories and prefer eating fruit instead. She counted the benefits of aloe vera on skin and advised to grow an aloe vera plant and use its juice! Her whole family swears by Vivel soaps. She doesn’t use anti aging creams as she believes ageing is a natural process and one should accept it. She advised washing face with lukewarm water in the morning. She believes that ‘beauty is in the eye of beholder’. I agree too 😀 

Last but not the least, a renowned beauty expert Dr. Priscilla Corner shared some skin care tips with us and spoke on beauty regime. She advised to exercise regularly for a healthy skin. She strictly said no to oily food. She looked graceful and gorgeous.

ITC Vivel Skin Love Bloggers Meet Mariyam Abid

ITC Vivel Skin Love Bloggers Meet

And, that’s me 🙂

All in all, it was a great event for me and fellow bloggers. I enjoyed a lot, had a really enthralling experience! I’ve received some Vivel soaps as goodies which I’ll be using up and sharing my experience with you all! If you want me to write a review on them let me know in the comments. 🙂

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