Is Vaseline Good for Your Face – Here’s Our Verdict!

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We are going to answer the ultimate question every skincare addict asks at some point – is vaseline good for your face? 

Is Vaseline Good for Your Face

Vaseline is a household name for most of us, and I’m sure we’ve all used it at some point in our lives. But Vaseline is not just for chapped lips. It’s a wonder product that can be used on all most all parts of your body, including your face.

Before putting anything on your body, it is best to understand what the product is made of. Vaseline is essentially petroleum jelly. Vaseline is the brand name, the most known and trusted one for that matter.

Petroleum Jelly was discovered in 1859 by Robert Augustus. It is a mixture that consists of mineral oils and waxes. Petroleum jelly is a semi-solid jelly-like substance that acts as a barrier and helps lock in moisture making your skin hydrated and soft.

Uses of Vaseline on the face

  • For the face, Vaseline can be used as your daily moisturizer. Apply a little of it on your face before sleeping and wake up to soft, hydrated, and glowing skin.
  • Vaseline is also effective as an under-eye cream that will help with your under-eye bags, reduce the dark tint under your eyes, and help you wake up fresh.
  • Vaseline also helps with wrinkles. Apply it on the areas of the face that are prone to wrinkles, and it will act as a deterrent to your wrinkles that are showing signs of appearing.
  • Being the ‘wonder jelly’ that it is, it also helps with acne and blemishes.
is vaseline good for your face
Is Vaseline Good for Your Face

Benefits of using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for the skin

Vaseline is very beneficial for the skin, and it is extremely versatile. It is the perfect addition to your daily regime and has various uses and benefits. Vaseline is a natural product and can be used as a

  • Moisturizer

It can be used as a face and body lotion. Vaseline traps the moisture in your skin and prevents it from drying out. It is especially useful for cracked heels. If you have cracked heels, soak your feet in hot water and salt for five to ten minutes, then gently towel dry and apply Vaseline. Put on a pair of cotton socks after application, and in a few weeks, your cracked heels will disappear.

  • As a makeup remover

Do you have that one mascara that makes your eyes pop and looks amazing but is a nightmare to remove? Don’t fret; Vaseline to the rescue.

As Vaseline is oil-based, it can be used as a makeup remover. It will remove even the longest-lasting makeup, and as a plus point, it will nourish and moisturize your skin in the process. Vaseline is totally safe to use around your eyes, so don’t think twice before applying that extra long-lasting mascara.

  • To heal minor scrapes and burns.

You can use Vaseline on your skin if you get a burn or a scrape. It helps soothe the skin and acts as a barrier from the harsh outside elements.

Before you apply Vaseline to the affected area, make sure you have cleaned the area properly as if there are any bacteria left behind, they could get trapped in the skin and lead to an infection.

  • It prevents skin staining

Are you thinking of dying your hair at home? But is the thought of staining your skin with the dye stopping you? Vaseline is the solution.

Apply Vaseline to your hairline, around your neck, behind your ears, and any other parts of the skin you think might get stained in the process. If dye gets on your skin, the Vaseline will act as a protective barrier and can be easily wiped away, ensuring that it will not stain your skin.

If you are painting your nails at home and are not good at staying within the lines, or if you’re trying out some fancy new nail art, apply Vaseline on the skin around your nails, and your clean-up will become ten times easier.

Is it okay to use Vaseline on the face?

Is Vaseline Good for Your Face
Is Vaseline Good for Your Face

Yes, absolutely!

Vaseline is perfectly alright to use on your face. Vaseline is non-comedogenic. In simpler terms, non-comedogenic means that the substance will not clog your pores.

Several studies have been done on whether Vaseline is okay to use on your skin, specifically on your face, so to break it down, the verdict is that Vaseline is totally safe.

The science behind this is that the formula of Vaseline is too thick to penetrate your pores; hence it will not clog them.

What Vaseline basically does is create a layer on your skin that prevents evaporation and retains moisture. So, rest assured, You can use Vaseline on your face.

Does it cause acne?

Vaseline does the exact opposite of causing acne. It, in fact, prevents acne from plaguing your skin. As we learned above Vaseline does not clog your pores, so it is not the cause of acne.

If you get acne while using Vaseline on your face, it is probably because of bacteria. While using Vaseline on your face, make sure your face is clean before applying Vaseline. It should be the last step of your beauty regime.

Vaseline does not directly cure acne if it has already occurred, but it is a preventative measure. Petroleum Jelly has a protective formula. Applying it to your skin will form a protective barrier protecting you from the harmful bacteria preventing it from entering the skin and causing acne.

Vaseline keeps the skin moisturized, and this helps the skin to regenerate faster. It gets rid of dead skin cells and helps to push new skin cells to the surface. Thus, it helps to heal breakouts and acne scars.

Does Vaseline petroleum jelly work on wrinkles?

When it comes to wrinkles, they are tough to get rid of. In this case, the old saying ‘prevention is better than cure is one to live by. The way to prevent wrinkles from appearing prematurely is to keep your skin hydrated and well-moisturized.

While Vaseline won’t be able to treat wrinkles, it can delay their occurrence. Vaseline locks the moisture into your skin, keeping it hydrated, which means that your skin will look and feel younger and make wrinkles less apparent.

5 DIY Vaseline Recipes for the Face

Is Vaseline Good for Your Face

Vaseline and Lemon Juice

This concoction is the perfect remedy for those pesky under-eye bags that just will not go away.

  • To make the mixture, you need one tablespoon of Vaseline and the juice of half a lemon.
  • Mix the two properly and apply it under your eyes with a cotton swab.
  • Keep the mixture on for an hour, and then wash off with cold water.
  • Pat your face gently and dry with a towel.

Do this continuously for a week, and in no time, your under-eye bags will be gone.

Vaseline, Aloe Vera gel and Rose Water

Aging is a natural process you can’t stop, but you can definitely slow it down. A Vaseline face pack is a great way to keep your skin from aging prematurely.

  • To make the face pack, you will need Vaseline, Aloe Vera gel and Rosewater.
  • Take two tablespoons of Vaseline and heat it in the microwave as it needs to be melted.
  • After it has melted, add one teaspoon of water and followed by a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel, and mix well. The result will be a thick mixture.
  • Apply this on your face and massage it well.

This can be applied the night before sleeping and kept for an entire night. Wash it off in the morning, and the result will be nourished smooth skin.

Vaseline and Fresh Milk

Having dark spots and uneven skin tone is something no one wants. A quick fix for this is a face pack made with fresh milk and Vaseline.

  • This calls for equal parts of fresh milk and Vaseline. So, for instance, if you are using 2 tablespoons of fresh milk, you need 2 tablespoons of Vaseline to make as much as you need to cover your face emphasizing the dark spots.
  • The mixture needs to be mixed properly and applied to the face for thirty minutes.
  • Wash it off with warm water, and your dark spots will be visibly lighter!

Vaseline and Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E Oil

Blemishes can be extremely aggravating, and to calm them down, Vaseline is a great option.

  • For this mixture, you will need one tablespoon of Vaseline and one tablespoon of Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E oil each. (Vitamin E oil can be extracted from the capsules as well).
  • Mix the three well and apply to the affected area.
  • Before applying a wash, your face and make sure it is clean.
  • Keep it on for thirty minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Vaseline, Honey, and Olive Oil

If you want radiant, soft skin before an event, this face pack is a great option.

  • All you need is two tablespoons of Vaseline, one tablespoon of honey, and half a tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Mix it in a bowl and apply it to your face.
  • Keep it on for an hour and wash off with cold water.

The result is smooth, glowing skin.

is vaseline good for your face
Is Vaseline Good for Your Face

Cons of using Vaseline on your face

There are no real side effects of Vaseline if you use it properly. However, here are some potential risks associated with using Vaseline petroleum jelly on the face.

  • You have to ensure that before applying, your face and hands are clean. This will help you avoid clogged pores.
  • Vaseline traps moisture, but it can also trap bacteria, which can be detrimental. To avoid this, make sure you are using Vaseline, be it on its own or part of a face pack. The surface you are applying it to is freshly washed.
  • Avoid putting Vaseline near your nostril since inhaling mineral oils can cause respiratory problems.
  • Having an allergic reaction to Vaseline is highly unlikely, but you should always test a product before using it for the first time. Also, using petroleum-derived products for a long time can cause you to develop allergies.
  • Never use Vaseline or any petroleum jelly internally, whether eating or inserting. You could literally get an infection, as per the studies.

Apply Vaseline to a part of your skin and check for a reaction. If nothing happens, then you’re good to go!

Final Verdict

Vaseline is definitely the holy grail of face products. It is so versatile and can solve almost all face-related issues. The best part about Vaseline is that it’s so inexpensive and is available very easily. We hope we have answered your question about whether Vaseline is good for the face or not! It truly lives up to the name ‘Wonder Jelly.’

4 thoughts on “Is Vaseline Good for Your Face – Here’s Our Verdict!”

  1. Apart from being an ingredient in Vaseline, many beauty products contain petroleum jelly to help keep moisture in the skin. It does this by forming a protective, waterproof layer over the skin. It may be listed on beauty and skincare products as petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin oil, or liquid paraffin.

    Having a waterproof layer on your skin may seem like a good thing, but the problem is that petroleum jelly doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. This means that it doesn’t allow moisture to enter your skin. Petroleum jelly could also aggravate problems like acne and rosacea because it can lock in dirt and grime in your pores.

    So, all petroleum jelly does is softening your skin but without any other health benefits for your skin. For example, natural oils are much better for your skin because they contain nourishing fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, antibacterial properties, and antimicrobial properties that protect your skin naturally.

    However, there are many who promote the benefits of using petroleum jelly for dry skin. For example, Dr. Andrew Weil says that all types of harmful substances are removed from petroleum jelly during the refining process.1 Dr. Alexa Kimball from Stanford University Medical Center says that petroleum jelly is an excellent moisturizer and doesn’t cause allergic reactions.2 Also, the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology says that industrial grade mineral oil may be comedogenic, however cosmetic grade mineral oil is not.

    Vaseline says on its website that its product is non-comedogenic, which means that the product itself does not block pores. The website also mentions that the product is triple-filtered, ensuring it is truly free from impurities and safe to use.

  2. Nancy Lea Fitchie

    I have used Vaseline for many years on my body and add on my face for a bright
    look….it just does not seem possible that Vaseline is so cheap but does millions for
    your body….Thanks Vaseline for staying the same great product for many years !

  3. sherry LL freeman

    Hi my name is sherry I’m hoping this will work for me. i saw a ad saying Vaseline is made out of gas -o -line it scared me but i have research the product and willing to follow you to see what the outcome will be thank you so much

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