Is Cheeky Underwear Comfortable?

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Clothes could create a statement. But do you know what’s even more powerful? Underwear.

Underwear varies in sizes and styles that are typically common among the companies whose primary audience is women. Their clothing line is constantly updated with newly released items in the market.

The real question is, should you care about the kind of underwear you have, though?

Is Cheeky Underwear Comfortable

What science says

Cheeky underwear, for instance, could look uncomfortable when you’re used to wearing other styles like full brief underwear, but this isn’t actually the case.

Cheeky underwear is suitable for women who would love to feel sensual yet isn’t fond of the idea of thongs. This style allows the person to showcase their flirty and playful personality as the underwear was designed to reveal the individual’s figure.

A study in 2006 by Jantzen and his colleagues narrated that women spend a considerable amount of time planning for the underwear they’ll be wearing for specific occasions and represent who they are as a person.

The respondents detailed that an off-white cotton brief, for example, is “matronly,” “Eros killers,” and “grandma’s gigantic underwear.” The researchers were able to infer that the type of underwear a person wears has a significant influence on their perception of lovemaking and romance.

So, it’s not surprising that when a woman is wearing a seductive clothing piece, she feels an extreme amount of confidence.

Bikini and cheeky underwear: How are they different from each other?

It’s not uncommon that there’s a mild confusion in handling items with a similar purpose. And as much as they look alike, a bikini is not the same as cheeky underwear.

In fact, there are three critical differences between these two items. First, there are no visible panty lines in a woman’s jeans or a skirt when she’s wearing cheeky underwear, simply because it has more extensive coverage of the bum compared to a bikini.

Second, there is a modest coverage of your front when you’re wearing cheeky underwear instead of the bikini, where it adopted a minimalist style to the front. A bikini is also low rise, which sets it to the hips instead of the waist, while the other could be either lower-cut or be high-waisted in style.

And third, the bikini style first emerged during the 1990s during the fad of chic jeans. In which, most women got used to wearing super low pants. While the cheeky underwear is much more modern yet still ooze with allure to satisfy the intention of being bold.

Are they worth it?

The answer is a simple “yes.”

If you’re aiming to boost your self-esteem without putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, wearing cheeky underwear could be beneficial.

The materials they are composed of are cotton and a bit of lace at the edges. As most of us know, cotton is a perfect kind of fiber that prevents you from having a yeast infection due to its highly absorbent properties and being breathable.

With or without the intention of being daring, cheeky underwear could offer several benefits. Do you know what makes it a better deal? You could always get them in floral or animal print without you worrying that everyone could discern the pattern of your underwear in your fitted jeans! There are many sites online where you can get cheeky underwear, such as EBY.

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