How to Wear Red blush + 7 Pretty Red Blushes to Try

All of us aren’t lucky enough to have a natural blush like the young kids. Blush is to a makeup look, like a cherry on a cake. I’m sure most of our mothers and grandmother definitely owned a red blush. I know the thought of red blush makes you feel like you’ll look like a clown. But that’s not true. In fact, it will make your cheeks look as if you’re a newborn or as if you were in the freezing cold. The main question is to how to wear red blush that doesn’t look over the top!

Red blush is quite universal and looks good on both fair skin and dark complexions. Among all the beauty products, blush is one of the most important and can change your entire look with just a pinch of the product making you look more healthy and youthful. Red is a very refreshing color and is perfect for spring and summer.

How to Apply Red blush

how to wear red blush

You’re definitely wondering why does applying something like blush require a full-on tutorial, as it is extremely easy to put on. But putting on blush is way more than just dusting the color on to your cheeks. Trust me, the way you apply your blush can change the way your face looks. Red blush is tricky and it totally depends on its application and how you balance it out with the rest of the face.

  • Use a big, fluffy brush or even your fingers for the application. Use a small headed brush to have more control over the blush application. Irrespective of whether you use a brush or your finger, it’s important to use a light hand.
  • Lightly sweep the brush through the blush and tap off any excess and then gently dust the blush onto the apples of your cheeks.
  • While applying red blush, mostly concentrate on the apples of your face and blend it towards the edges of your face. The application differs depending on one’s face shape. Below is an image that will guide you in your blush application according to the different types of face shapes.
how to wear red blush
How to Wear Red Blush

Pro Tip: If you’re not very comfortable or just new to using red blush, I suggest you put on your primer, foundation, and blush, and then slowly work your way with other areas like your eyes and lips. I suggest you keep your eyes and lips more natural and low key. A soft black liner and nude pink lipstick will perfectly complement the red blush. You could also take the risk with red lipstick but stick to more orange and pinkish shades of red. A little hack would be using a gold highlighter on the red blush to tone it down a bit and for a warm look.

 7 Gorgeous Red Blushes You Can Try

how to wear red blush

We’ve curated a list of red blushes from different brands for you try. Although all of these are red, each has a different effect when applied on the face.

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain

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The Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Rose – Tinted Lip and Cheek stain comes in a small, transparent nail paint kind of bottle with a brush applicator, which makes it travel-friendly. It is a rosy berry-like red shade and is not dark red as it appears on the bottle. Due to its subtle shade, it’s perfect for a natural makeup look. The texture of the product is runny and hence it blends up really well. The Benetint cheek stain dries up really fast, so you have to be quick while blending in the product. The cheek stain lasts all day and needs no reapplication. Another plus about this product is that it doubles up as a lip stain!


L. A. Girl Just Blushing – Just for fun

best red blush

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The L. A. Girl Just Blushing – Just for fun in the shade red is powder blush. Although the shade is red, it depicts more of an orange peachy color. This blush is super pigmented and just a little bit if the product does the job. The texture is really soft and smooth and glides on easily. Because of its soft and smooth formula, it is quite long lasting.


Milani Baked Blush – 09 Red Vino

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The Milani Baked Blush comes in the shade 09 Red Vino, which appears a more berry red with gold shimmer when applied on to the face. One would only need the smallest amount because this product is a lot pigmented. The texture is quite silky and luminous, which adds a natural glow to the skin. This Milani blush is long lasting. The product comes in a case like a compact and includes a mirror and a small brush.


NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP High Definition Blush – Crimson

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The PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP High Definition Blush in the shade Crimson looks like a bright cherry red with orange undertones when applied. This product is very pigmented and needs a light hand during application. The texture is powdery, and hence all you need is a little bit of his product. This blush is quite long lasting.


Maybelline New York Blush – Deep Rose 

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The Maybelline New York Blush in the shade Deep Rose gives a nice soft and natural hue of color to the cheeks. The product is not very pigmented and is perfect for a natural daytime look. This blush has a very small amount of glitter and is very light on the face, and blends very easily. The product is quite long lasting.

NYX Professional Makeup Bright Idea Stick – Brick Red Blaze

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This stick blush is convenient to use as it lets you apply it precisely on your cheeks. NYX Bright Idea Stick in Red Blaze has fine shimmers which give an illuminating glow rather than a glittery look. It has a buildable pigmentation and gets blended easily which lasts for around 5 hours. If you are looking for a highlighter-cum-blush, this can be the best bet!

Nars Blush – Exhibit A

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The Nars Blush in the shade Exhibit A looks a little scary in the palette because of its bright red color. This product can appear natural pink or a deep red, depending on its application. The pigment is intense so use the fluffiest brush and barely touch the pan, you don’t want to go overboard with it. Also, the hint of shimmer adds the perfect level of glow. Also, the packaging is so sleek, that you’ll always want to flaunt it. This product is highly recommended for those looking for a natural look and a product of quality.

So here ends our guide on how to wear red blush. I hope you are now going to give a shot to the mighty red blush!

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