Hiring High-End Dresses vs. Buying Them – Why Hiring is the Best?

Looking well-dressed and smartly turned out is how you make an impression at any event. Whether you’re attending a formal or informal affair or a prestigious workplace occasion, the correct attire can turn heads and make a style statement.

Investing in new clothes every time you need to go out is just not a practical option, and the rising cost of high-end couture is only one of the reasons. For this reason, you would want to try the next best thing – hiring dresses instead of buying them.

Besides the cost, there are several reasons why renting apparel makes more sense. Read on to more.

Hiring High-End Dresses vs. Buying Them

#1 You Can Take Your Pick of the Best Stylists Out There

Men have been hiring tuxedos for formal events for years now, but the option of renting dresses for women is a relatively new trend. And, that’s a perfect solution since you get access to the trendiest of couture by top designer labels. You can scan through online catalogs to select the latest fashion you like to place an order. If you aren’t quite sure about the suitable sizes, the website taking your order will likely have a styling guide you can use. What’s more, you can also check with their consultants for advice on the appropriate dresses for the event, complete with information about the accessories, shoes, and bags that will accentuate your look.

#2 You Save the Time and Effort for Going Shopping

Given your busy lifestyle, finding the time to go store hopping can present a huge challenge. What if you could shop on the go, selecting apparel on your phone or tablet? The dresses will arrive at your doorstep altered to fit you perfectly. You also have the option of choosing more than one outfit if you aren’t quite sure how it will look on you. Considering that the charges for renting high-end fashion are a fraction of the actual cost, there’s no reason to worry about bad buys which you just won’t wear. Best of all? You’ll always have something new to wear without worrying about getting tagged on social media repeating the same outfits.

#3 You Won’t Have to Worry About the Waste

If you’ve always been conscious about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, hiring dresses can help assuage some of the guilt. Each time you rent a dress, you’ll prevent it from being one of the 305,000 tons of textiles discarded in NSW in 2020 alone. Sadly, just 800 tons were recycled or exported for donation to charities. As a responsible fashionista, renting apparel could be the best option if you’re increasingly concerned about what happens to clothes at the end of their life cycle.

The bottom line

We live in a world where clothing defines the person and looking your best is essential for getting ahead in life. When evaluating the economics of purchasing, maintaining, dry cleaning, and storing apparel, hiring high-end dresses instead of buying them might just be the best solution for you.

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