Hidden Object Games: The Reasons I Love Playing Them

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Video game enthusiasts or ‘gamers’ are some of the most mysterious people in the world. You see, from building their fantasy world with blocks on Minecraft to playing shooters and survivals, they can spend a surprising amount of time in front of their screen. Oh, by the way… I’m one of them.

The video gaming world or industry is believed to be bigger than the movie, music, or literature industry by revenue, any day. Gaming enthusiasts have a range of interests depending on whether they are casual gamers or core gamers.

While some are strictly waiting for triple-A games every year, I’m happier with free online hidden object games. On days when I can’t devote much time to gaming, I get my gaming fix from these easy games.

What is it about object-finding games that appeals to me? Read on to find out!

Hidden Object Games: The Reasons I Love Playing Them

The benefits of Hidden Object Games

#1 Good for your self-confidence

Many people can play hidden object games just for fun, and the best thing about these games is that they are enjoyable for any generation. Especially, children find it very boosting when they find an object that their parents or another adult could not locate.

At the same time, even older adults find it challenging their locating abilities when they are not focused enough and feel accomplished when they finally pass a level.

#2 Boost your awareness of detail

Hidden object games require the player to skim the screen and take time examining the screen for the hidden objects.

Eventually, after levels and levels of doing the same thing, as well as each level requiring the player to focus harder, the players are bound to become experienced at concentrating on many other optical challenges.

By playing games that require you to spot multiple items at once, you become better at recognizing even the tiniest details.

#3 Increase your grey matter

Although this is not a proven fact, experts have developed theories regarding how challenging hidden object games help amplify grey matter in our brain. As a result, our brain will be able to communicate effectively with many other areas and parts of the brain.

The grey matter is primarily involved in muscle control, perception, memory, and spatial orientation.

#4 Help you build work habits

Fun hidden object games keep me entertained and engrossed. The games may seem geared towards children, but they can help most adults build hard-working habits.

Even though these games have a simple objective – to find the hidden object, it sometimes becomes most challenging, and no one wants to give up and admit that they cannot find the object. If you play this game long enough, you will find out how determined you become to find those missing objects.

#5 Boosts visual perception

Developing visual exploration skills is essential for hidden object games. While playing these games won’t magically make your brain faster, they will make you more active and motivated.

Some experts have certain beliefs regarding how the necessity of cognitive function for playing these games can result in providing your brain with the needed exercise every day. As a result, the brain may eventually reach its next level of functioning.

My Latest Favorite Hidden Objects Game: Hidden Princess

Online games evoke nostalgia. I remember when I was a teenager, hidden object games were all the rage. Those graphics used to be simple and intriguing-I think Hidden Princess is similar to that.

With the simple yet stunning visuals, this game requires you to keep an eye on every detail since there are limited numbers of turns.

Hidden Object Games: The Reasons I Love Playing Them

To get started, it’s a good idea to pick up one group of objects at a time. The objects of a group do not have the same color and size, so it requires some mental effort instead of clicking objects mindlessly (I love that part). There is a color-blending effect with the objects, creating a challenging experience.

The first level gives 30 turns so it’s a good idea to start finding ribbons and shoes working your way down to objects with fewer numbers.

I love how this game demands you use your brain, unlike other flashy games. With just 3 hints, this is a slightly harder game. I recommend you use your hints wisely.

For those gamers with a regular laptop, it works perfectly fine in the browser after it loads- the game doesn’t require a special gaming laptop. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

While you take your sweet time to find the objects, the timer on the side runs. Playing it between work allows me to pause and resume whenever I want.

Interested in playing this game? You can find it here in solitaire.org listed among different hidden object games. This free online gaming website also offers some easy-level games.

So, are hidden object games good for you?

If you are so attached to the game that now the word ‘attached’ needs to be updated to ‘addiction,’ then clearly no game is good for you, let alone the seemingly non-dangerous hidden object game.

But hidden object games, like many other puzzle games, surely do have benefits that help someone perform better than their counterpart who hasn’t played them. Especially children can learn a lot from gaming, from learning the scenery and environment to words and names.

As an adult who enjoys playing hidden object games, I can attest to their relaxing qualities. I have found myself playing these games after a full day of work or during a stressful situation. The thing is, you can play these games in a mindless state – whether or not you will be able to pass the level is not important.

The majority of people who don’t even play casual games find hidden object games to be worth their time and have compared them to solving jigsaw puzzles or making origami.

Bottom line

Chances are hidden object games will not make it to the list of cool games of the year any day. Life isn’t made up of only qualifying games, right?

If these games bring you joy, relaxation, or bring your kid much-needed confidence, find the most fun and challenging games, and enjoy your time finding the objects.

There are a lot of games to choose from on the internet, and maybe you’ll come across a hidden object gaming community while exploring.

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