How to Care For Your Feet When You Wear Boots All Day

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When your feet are in pain it’s hard to concentrate on anything else going on around you.

Blisters, pressure points, and cramping aches are signs that your feet aren’t at their best.

While new boots can take some time to break-in, there is no excuse for long-term pain in your feet. Here’s how to care for your feet when they are in boots all day.

How to Care For Your Feet When You Wear Boots All Day

Buy High-Quality Boots

The first step to having pain-free feet is to buy quality boots that are built to fit and last. Look for a trusted maker of boots, such as Chippewa, that has been in the business of building great boots for a long time. Go into the store and work with a boot fitter who can help you find the right pair to match the width, arch, and length of your foot. How the boot is tied also can make a difference in how comfortable the fit is. Make a smart investment in great boots and your feet will thank you.

Take Care of Blisters

Blisters and hot spots, while not uncommon when breaking in a new pair of boots, should not be a regular occurrence. If they are, evaluate the fit of your boot and the socks you are wearing.

A thicker or thinner sock may help relieve blisters, and finding the right sock material can also make a difference. Those on their feet all day should consider trying sweat-wicking wool socks to decrease hot spots. If you find yourself with a blister, be sure to promptly clean and bandage it before wearing the boots again. Creams like Body Glide can help prevent blisters, as can tape like Moleskin.

How to Care For Your Feet When You Wear Boots All Day

Wash and Moisturize Daily

Wash and moisturize your feet daily to keep the skin clean and healthy. Even if you showered in the morning, give your feet a quick scrubbing in the bathtub (know about bathtubs here: before bed to remove any dirt you picked up during the day. Use a conditioning moisturizer to prevent cracked skin, especially around your heels and toes. Washing your feet daily not only helps to keep bacteria out of small cuts but also removes the debris that can cause blisters.

How to Care For Your Feet When You Wear Boots All Day

Cut Toenails Regularly

Toenails cause a surprising amount of foot pain when not cut regularly. Some boots slope down over the toe, and if your toenails are long they can glance the inside of your zipper boot every time you move. This not only can decrease the life of your socks, but it can also cause toe pain from pressure on top of your nails.

If you are hiking or trekking, a toenail rubbing against the inside of your boot can lead to infection and bruises. Keep a close eye on the length of your toenails and cut the nail when it begins to protrude from the skin of your toe.

Healthy feet are crucial to performing your best from day to day. With these tips, you can keep your feet clean, moisturized, blister-free, and ready to take you anywhere.

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