10 Expensive Lipstick Brands Every Lipstick Addict Should Try


Makeup is a costly affair. And we all girls are blessed or rather cursed with this infinite love affair. Ask men and they will never understand what the fuss is all about.

But makeup is an absolute necessity for all the ladies. Be it a celebrity or your next-door neighbor aunty every one has one or the other makeup item. We just can’t live without it.

And if there is a survey ever done about which is the most used and loved makeup item all over the world, then I am sure lipstick will top the chart. Yes, you heard that right.

Lipsticks are undoubtedly one of the most loved makeup items.

We all have one of those 6-7 cm bullets of them inside our purse. But as they say one is never enough. But nothing can compromise the love of lipstick from a premium luxury brand.

List of Expensive & High-End Lipstick Brands

Let’s have a look at these top expensive lipstick brands which are on the wishlist of every makeup lover.


High End Lipstick Brands

The brand has one of the diamond lipstick which retails at $14 million. Yes, and why not. The lipstick case is made up of real diamonds. And not to forget the quality of the lipstick is top notch. But ouch such huge amount is not just for our lips.


Expensive Lipstick Brands

This brand has a number of lipsticks which are considered to be one of the best lipsticks for celebrities. One of the priciest lipsticks of this brand retails at $80. But the shades by this brand are extremely long lasting and will make your lips look luscious.

Sisley Lipstick

High End Lipstick Brands

A single stick of this lipstick retails at $75. But the pigmentation and finish of this lipstick are truly classy. The hydrating formulae of these lipsticks contain vitamin E, vitamin C, and calendula oil.

La Prairie

Expensive Lipstick Brands

As said, give girls a correct lipstick and she will conquer the world. With a price tag of $60, La Prairie features fourth on our list of most expensive lipstick brands. A girl who owns a La Prairie lipstick will never compromise for other brands.


High End Lipstick Brands

Kanebo lipsticks are a regular in many actresses’ and models’ vanity. The vitamin content in these lipsticks is perfect for your lip health. The luxurious packaging and the insane shade selection will leave you craving for more of these lipsticks.


Expensive Lipstick Brands

With a single lipstick bullet by Givenchy costing $38, it is surely a pinch in your pocket. But when it comes to your lips, then the finish will leave you awestruck. The moisturizing and comfortable feel on your lips will make you own many of more Givenchy lipsticks.

Christian Dior

High end Lipstick Brands

This is the choice of elegant and stylish women. Each stick of Christian Dior costs $38 but you need to be able to rock this lipstick with class. The amazing finish of these lipsticks is instantly a complexion perkier.

Dolce and Gabbana

Expensive Lipstick Brands

This is an Italian brand which uses some of the most premium and rare ingredients in their lipstick. The extra shine which you get after applying these lipsticks is to die for. This is the reason why the lipsticks of this brands top in rating.


Expensive Lipstick Brands

A French company founded by Coco Channel more than 100 years ago. The brand has been coming up with one of the most expensive and premium lines of lipstick which every lipstick lover dies for. The quality of these lipsticks are top notch and even the packaging is extremely royal and classy.

Estee Lauder

high end Lipstick Brands

Some of their lipsticks retail at $35. This brand also has a number of lipsticks which are a cult favorite of many top celebs. Some of the lipsticks of this brand are extremely long lasting and moisturizing on lips.

Here ends our list of high-end lipstick brands which makes every lipstick aficionado drool! What’s the most expensive lipstick you have tried yet? Share in the comments. 🙂

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