Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara : Review

Hello sunshines! Do you remember few weeks ago I posted a pic on my Instagram featuring two products from Essence? One was an eyebrow kit and another was a gel mascara. The one I’m going to review today is Essence Lash & Brow gel mascara. I expected a lot from this and if you want to know how it went for me then keep reading 🙂

About this Product:
» Transparent gel mascara
» Cares for lashes and styles eyebrows
» Ophthalmologically tested
Price: Rs. 249/-
Quantity: 9 ml
Shelf Life: 3 years
Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara Review
This transparent mascara comes in a transparent plastic packaging so the product and quantity is very much visible. Wand is transparent too and bristles look basic.
Let’s talk about the formula first. It’s consistency is thin just like a glue mixed with water. It says gel mascara but the consistency is nowhere close to a gel one. It smells weird. 
When I apply it to my eyelashes it almost drips due to it’s thin formula. For few seconds it gives my lashes a lengthening effect but as soon as it dries up my lashes get back to normal. It separates the lashes. It doesn’t look like I’ve applied something. This was a major disappointment for me.
I also used it on my brows and it effectively tamed them. I’m not sure if this mascara is like that or I’ve got the defective product!
● Affordable price
● Tames eyebrows well
● Has a wand that separates and lengthens lashes
● Consistency is thin and nowhere close to gel
● Smell isn’t pleasant
● Doesn’t give any curling, lengthening effect to eyelashes.
Final Word: This gel mascara didn’t work for me. Don’t expect any volume from this mascara since it’s thin but it tames eyebrows well and make a good brow gel but not a mascara. I think someone with thick lashes can only make it work so it’s not really recommended from my side!
Rating: 3/5
Do you like transparent mascara? Which one would you recommend? 

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