EAT Anytime Review | Energy Bars for Healthy Snacking

EAT Anytime - Energy Bars for Healthy Snacking Review

Hey to all foodaholics! ????

Doesn’t it happen so many times when we feel hungry but we can’t find something relishing and healthy, both at once? It happens to me a lot. Whether I’m at the college, or I’m out and about, or at home and my stomach starts growling for something sweet or maybe spicy. If we look, there are a variety of options out there which is obviously unhealthy, like street foods. While I’m tired of eating unhealthy, junk food that’s so easily available and at the same time, I can’t eat tasteless but healthy food.

I either gorge on junk food or just don’t eat at all due to a hectic schedule. Because my college starts way early, I don’t even get time to pack a healthy lunch so I have no choice but to eat at canteen or outside which makes me vulnerable to contaminated food. As a result, this unwholesome habit took a toll on my health several times. A few days ago, I came across EAT Anytime snack bars which promise to deliver deliciousness with a dose of energy. Let’s move on to my experience now!

About the brand: EAT Anytime Nutrition Bars are Healthy Energy bars which are wholesome and healthy snacks made of 100% natural ingredients such as Dates, Nuts, Oats, Seeds, etc. Each product is carefully blended under the supervision of a Nutritionist to provide you a perfect Balanced Meal packed in the pocket-sized healthy energy bars. It is available in 6 delectable flavors. Try out all our exotic flavors and make snack times, fun times with EAT Anytime Nutrition Bars. 

Price: Each 38 g bar costs Rs. 50/- | Buy it here

What makes Eat Anytime special?

  •  Suitable for kids and vegans
  •  Provides instant energy
  •  Powerful seeds that contain antioxidants
  •  High in Fibre
  •  High in Protein
  •  Made of 100% Natural Ingredients
  •  Perfect & Healthy Snacking
EAT Anytime Energy Bars Review
EAT Anytime – Energy Bars Review

EAT Anytime Energy Bars Review

These snack bars are available in 6 varieties of gourmet flavors – Mango Ginger, Butterscotch, Orange, Bambaiya Chaat, Cool Mint & Choco Peanut Butter and I got to try 5 of these! ???? Each bar comes filled with almonds, black dates, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seed, and oats. They contain 0 added sugar, 0 cholesterol, 0 gluten and loads of MUFA, PUFA and protein. Here are my views on these scrumptious flavors!

Mango Ginger

EAT Anytime - Energy Bars Mango Ginger Review

I’m excited to try this flavor first. It has a mixed taste of mango with the hint of ginger and tastes like aam papad to me but still a distinct flavor! ????


EAT Anytime - Energy Bars Butterscotch Review

EAT Anytime - Energy Bars Butterscotch Review

My second favorite is this butterscotch variant which tastes sweet and creamy. It contains 2.5g of dietary fiber, 5g MUFA & 4g of Protein.


This variant tastes like orange marmalade. It is free from added sugar, cholesterol and gluten and has 3g MUFA & 4g protein.

Bambaiya Chaat

EAT Anytime - Energy Bars Bambaiya Chaat Review

EAT Anytime - Energy Bars Bambaiya Chaat Review

Who doesn’t love chaat? When I prefer things spicy, this variant probably matches up to my mood. It has a sweet-tangy-spicy taste of chaat in a snack bar and contains 5g dietary fiber, 5.3g protein, and around 2g of MUFA & PUFA.

Choco Peanut Butter

EAT Anytime - Energy Bars Choco Peanut Butter Review EAT Anytime - Energy Bars Choco Peanut Butter Review

The best things are always kept for last so therefore, this is my most favorite variant out of these. Being a sucker for chocolate and peanut butter, this seems like a customized bar for me. It has 4g of dietary fiber and 4.8g of protein.

Final Word: I love having these bars for lunch and breakfast. Since they’re packed with protein, dietary fibers, MUFA & PUFA, they give instant energy and gives the nutrition of a single meal. Most of all, they are devoid of cholesterol, added sugar and gluten which makes it a healthy choice for kids and vegans. They are better alternatives for chocolates, chaats, etc and provide healthiness. I keep them with me for college or work, or while traveling.  

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

So, have you tried EAT Anytime energy bars? What food gives you instant energy?

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10 thoughts on “EAT Anytime Review | Energy Bars for Healthy Snacking”

  1. I am trying to get into diet but am finding it difficult to resist myself. These bars might help me to eat good and still not make me feel guilty.

  2. The last two flavours look lip smacking, Mariyam. I’d like to know what’s the sweetening agent in these bars. Is it plain white sugar, jaggery or anything else?

  3. There was a time when I was surviving on energy bars. New Job, New Country and recently married (7 years ago) had energy bars as best friend for morning breakfast and pre-lunch snacking. Love these!

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