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I’m not an ardent user of Dove soaps but whenever I’ve used them it sure was a fine experience. They claim to be moisturizing, mild, soft for skin and can be used on face too. Recently I’ve bought a new variant of this soap, Dove Go Fresh Revive Beauty Bar on my visit to supermarket. I spotted these on the shelf of soaps and had a whiff of it, it smelled nice and so I picked it up. After using it multiple times I’m here to share my experience with it!

 About this product: Wondering how to refresh your skin and keep it smooth and nourished at the same time? Start in the shower. Give your skin a boost of freshness that keeps it healthy as well as hydrated with Dove Go Fresh Revive Beauty Bar. The lively scent of pomegranate and lemon verbena will awaken your skin and revive your senses.

Price: Rs. 48/- for 75 g


Dove Go Fresh Revive Beauty Bathing Bar Review
In summers I prefer soaps or body washes that doesn’t leave skin sticky or oily so I prefer the ones that leave squeaky clean but bit drying but in winters I want something more moisturizing that doesn’t dry out  my skin at all. So I picked this soap from Dove which I guess is a recent launch. It comes in a cardboard packaging which looks attractive with pomegranate illustration. I can smell how heavenly it is by sniffing the outer box itself. It’s baby pink in color that looks cute. It has a unique floral and fruity fragrance of pomegranate. 

It lathers finely on wet skin and feels creamy while massaging onto skin.  It gently cleanses away dirt and doesn’t dry out skin due to presence of 1/4 moisturizing cream. However, it does take time to rinse off completely and doesn’t give a squeaky clean feeling but I’m used to it now. It leaves skin soft and I cant’t stop my hands from touching it again and again.The fruity fragrance mildly lingers on after the bath. The bathing experience with this soap is refreshing and invigorating. I wasn’t a fan of Dove but now after using this soap, I’d like to try its other variants as well since it’s different from soaps that actually dry out skin and make it look dry and flaky. I found it perfect as a hydrating soap for winters. 

  • Has a divine fragrance of pomegranate
  • Creates a rich and creamy lather
  • Can be used for face too!
  • Doesn’t dry out skin and leaves it moisturized
  • Leaves skin soft to touch
  • Takes time to rinse off
Final Word: I truly had a refreshing bathing experience with this beauty soap. It smells amazing, lathers richly and leaves skin ultra smooth. It’s different than most of the soaps available. In winters it’s a good option for those looking for moisture in a soap and it’s affordable. You can find it in supermarkets and online too.

I found this beauty bathing bar really cute. Did you try out this new variant of Dove? Do you like Dove soaps?

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11 thoughts on “Dove Go Fresh Revive Beauty Bar | Review”

  1. Madhubani Chakraborty

    I just love Dove products.. and like their regular products..this new one impressed me too 🙂 Love the fragrance..

  2. I like Dove products but not for my hair as they have conditioning properties and my hair is fine 🙁 But their soaps are really good 🙂

  3. Nice review! I love using moisturising soap, they suit my dry skin very well! And I am a Dove soap (white one) user. I'm yet to try out this one.
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  4. Angana Chakraborty

    It works as beautiful as it smells and looks. Undoubtedly it's a refreshing and rich soap which keeps it promise as it claims. Thank you Dove..

  5. Angana Chakraborty

    It works as beautiful as it smells and looks.Undoubtedly,it's a nice soap that keeps its promise..

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