5 Detox Water Recipes for Flat Belly

The holiday season is over and it’s time to get back in shape! Whether it is beautiful skin, hair or weight loss, H2o is the solution to every problem. But drinking so much water daily can be boring and tasteless. So why not tweak up your drinking water to make it taste yummy? šŸ˜‰

Today we are sharing some delicious detox water recipes to rejuvenate your soul and of course – your belly!

Losing fat, especially around the tummy area needs a little more effort – cut down on sugars, unhealthy carbohydrates, refined flour, packaged drinks and see results in weeks! Consuming 2-3 liters of water is advised to flatten the stomach.

Below are a few detox water recipes for a flat belly to help you through fat loss!

Detox Water Recipes for Flat Belly

Lemon & Mint Detox Water

Detox Water Recipes for Flat Belly
Lemon Mint Detox Water for Belly Fat | skinnyms.com

Lemons are great for digestion and to relieve bloating. They also aid in weight loss. As lemons are a good source of Vitamin C, it also keeps the skin happy. Mint promotes digestive enzymes, helps in digestion and adds a delicious flavor.

How to make? In a large container add 1 lemon (sliced), one-inch ginger piece (crushed), 6-7 fresh mint leaves. Keep it aside for 45 min to one hour.

Orange – Basil detox water

Detox Water Recipes for Flat Belly
Orange Basil Detox Water Recipe for Flat Belly | happyfoodstube.com

Oranges protect the skin cells from damage and slow down the aging process, they promote collagen production and gives a youthful firm skin. They also prevent UV damage and act as a mild sunscreen. Basil is a potent anti-inflammatory and has medicinal properties. It cleanses the skin and prevents acne. Leaves of Basil aids in indigestion and has many numerous health benefits.

How to make? In a large container add one orange (sliced) and 6-7 fresh basil leaves. Add water and keep it aside for one hour. Keep sipping on regular intervals.

Tip: You can infuse the fruits overnight and discard fruits the next morning to intensify the flavor!

Apple Cinnamon detox water

Detox Water Recipes for Flat Belly
Detox Water Recipes for Flat Belly | madebyfressko.com

Cinnamon is considered one of the healthiest and delicious spices of all. It’s loaded with health benefits and contains a high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It may help cut down the risk of heart disease, lowers blood sugar level and so much more!

Apples again are an excellent source of antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber. Apples may reduce the risk of developing cancer, heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes. Also, they taste delicious!

How to make? In a large container add 1 apple (sliced) and a piece of small cinnamon stick, you can also add cinnamon powder for taste if you don’t have a cinnamon stick. Keep it aside for about an hour and enjoy your at-home detox water!

Tip: Apple and cinnamon make one of the best detox water recipes for a flat belly. Mix-match the ingredients and make your very own detox water and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Strawberry Watermelon detox water

Detox Water Recipes for Flat Belly
Watermelon Strawberry Detox Water for flat belly | detoxdiet101.com

Strawberry helps in weight management and are rich in anti-oxidants. Also, it protects the skin from free radicals, helps blood sugar regulation and may improve heart health.

Watermelon is another fruit that hydrates the body, it promotes heart health and relieves muscle soreness.

How to make? In a large container add 2-3 strawberries (leaves removed washed and sliced) and 2 pieces of watermelon. Add a few mint leaves. Let it sit for about an hour. Carry infused water to work or college to stay hydrated all day long.

Blueberry and Orange detox water

 Detox Water recipes for flat belly
Orange Blueberry detox water recipe for flat belly | westernhealth.com

Kick up your metabolism by some mandarin oranges. Also, it’s full of vitamin C. Blueberry, on the other hand, is loaded with antioxidants and fiber. Therefore, it makes one of most beautiful looking detox water!

How to make? Simply throw one orange (sliced) and a handful of blueberries into a large container and enjoy!

Hope you’ll enjoy these detox water recipes and lose some belly fat! Thanks for reading!Ā  šŸ™‚

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