Clean and Clear Fairness Cream – Review

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Hey people! Hope you all are good. This summer afternoon I was wondering which product should I review today and opened my shelf. There I saw Clear Fairness Cream by Clean and Clear. I’ve used their face washes, moisturizer and now they’ve launched their fairness cream. Their products are friendly with oily skin which is a plus point for me. Let’s get started with the review…

Price: Rs. 120 for 40 gm | Buy here from Nykaa

Shelf life: 24 months

What it claims:
Oil-free | Won’t clog pores
Pinkish fairness that lasts 3x longer
Cherry extract formula
UV sunscreens


Clean and Clear Fairness Cream comes in a cardboard box packaging. It is in pinkish mauve coloured plastic tube with a transparent flip top cap which shuts tightly.
Tube looks attractive and girly. However, some of the product accumulates at the cap which doesn’t look good and product is also wasted.

Clean and Clear Fairness Cream Review

I came to know about this cream when I got the sample sachet of it in a newspaper. I used it and it was satisfactory to me as a day cream. After finishing the sachet, I decided to buy this cream in a tube.

When I squeezed the tube to take out the product, it came out in a right amount. It was in pale pink color and consistency was medium – not too runny or too thick. It had a sweet-citrusy fragrance which was overwhelming.

I applied to my face and I can see the whitish cast it left. After few minutes, it absorbed into my skin and imparted a pinkish glow, true as it claimed. It did a matte effect on my skin. It also made my skin fairer instantly but sadly the effect doesn’t stay for longer. Did you see the ingredients list? It has loads of chemicals. It is oil free but after 2-3 hours my skin became oily and dull.

The instant whitening fades away within an hour. Guess it didn’t really suit on my oily and dusky skin but that was in summer. In winters, it fared good for me and stayed longer. It will suit better on fair and medium skin tones.

It claims to have UV sunscreens but it didn’t do anything to protect from UV rays. It is an okay day cream for me until I discover something that suits me well.

● Gives a pinkish glow.
● Fresh citrusy and sweet fragrance.
● Brightens up complexion instantly.
● Suit all skin types.

● Leaves a whitish cast; hence would not suit dark skin.
● Fairness effect doesn’t stay long.
● Face becomes dull after some few hours.
● UV sunscreens don’t do anything for sun protection.
● Contains lots of chemicals.

Final Word: After using it I can say that it’s an average face cream. It brightens up the complexion instantly although it leaves a whitish cast. Dusky beauties it’s not for you and this cream will serve better to medium to fair-skinned girls. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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