Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub – Review

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Scrubs, whether for the face or body, are essential for clear and radiant skin. It’s an essential part of the skincare regime, and I try to follow it regularly. I have oily skin, so I use it twice a week. Some of my scrubs have been a bit harsh, so I was looking for a daily scrub with light exfoliation. I came across Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub. After using it for few weeks guess I’m ready to share a review!



Price: Rs. 55 for 40 g
What does it claim? 
Visibly fewer blackheads in just 3 days.



My Experience: I have many whiteheads but no blackheads, and I wanted an oil-free, anti-pore clogging scrub that does its job well. This scrub has a liquid gel-like consistency with minute blue beads with few bigger beads that make a gentle combination of exfoliation. It smells literally like detergent powder mixed with water. However, I don’t mind it. I use it on my wet face and scrub in a circular motion, which doesn’t lather much but scrubs well. If I use too much water, it lathers, acts like a face wash and microbeads get dissolved.

After washing, my face feels cleans but no difference in whiteheads. I can’t say about its claim for removing blackheads as I don’t have any. It definitely cleans out pores and works on dead skin. My face feels squeaky clean but a bit dry, so a moisturizer is mandatory. I sometimes use it as a face wash cum exfoliator, and it works fine that way. I don’t think it would be suitable for daily use unless you have heavily oily skin but for alternate days like thrice a week. 


● Cleans pores and dead skin effectively.
● May work on blackheads
● Microbeads are suitable for frequent use
● Can be used as a face wash.

● The smell is not at all pleasing.
● Doesn’t do anything for whiteheads.
● Can be drying post usage.


Final Word: It doesn’t do anything for whiteheads, but I guess it may work on blackheads. It scrubs away dead skin well and good for using on alternate days. I recommend it to every oily and combination skin girl as it’s oil-free and doesn’t clog pores. Dry skin should avoid it as it’s very drying unless you’re ready to keep up with a moisturizer. 
Rating: 3.5/5

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