Bonjour Paris Supermatt Lipstick (Hazelnut and Brick Red) – Review

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Today, my review is on two shades of Supermatt Lipsticks by Bonjour Paris – Brick Red and Hazelnut. Bonjour Paris is an Indian brand by the way and you can buy its products online. I’m not sure if they are available offline on stores. So now I’ll tell you how these lipsticks fared off for me.

Price : It was originally Rs. 590/- but I got it at discount at Rs. 295/- (Lucky me 😛 )

The first shade is Brick Red:

I always heard from my friends that brick red is a good shade for me as I have dusky skin so I didn’t thought much and ordered it online. As you can see the shade looks deeper although the cap’s color looks way lighter. I liked the packaging as it’s sturdy and its tight so no fear of loosening of cap.

It smells like sweet chocolate and I love that smell. It glides like cream on lips and they get instant moisturization. But one thing is that it’s not completely matte and glossy due to its creamy texture . The color comes out a little bright on lips that is more orangish red colour.
It’s well pigmented so ladies with pigmented lipstick can wear it off without any thought. It stays on for almost 3 hours. It vanishes after meals and leaves a tint of red color which looks pretty.
A lip liner should always be applied to stop the lipstick from bleeding.

Here’s the lip swatch:

1. Well pigmented color.
2. Stylish packaging.
3. Matte and glossy at the same time.
4. Leaves a nice tint on removing lipstick.
5. Lovely smell.


1. For complete matte lovers it may be a disappointment.
2. Staying power is 3 hours. (Not sure if it’s a con.)
3. It may bleed if lip liner is not applied.

Final Word: I think it’s a very nice lipstick which is moisturizing, pigmented and smells delicious. It’s a good one for the price. I recommend it to glossy and matte lipstick lovers.

Rating : 3/5

Now it’s Hazelnut’s turn:

I have already mentioned about it’s packaging. Its color is same like dairy milk chocolate and smells the same like a sweet mild chocolate.

Hazelnut is kind of nude shade which suits all complexion and preferably wheatish to dusky skin will like it. It glides on lips well.
You can top off this shade with lots of eye makeup to balance the look.
This shade is not at all matte and it’s rather glossy. So don’t get misguided by its name ‘supermatt’. It may be because of its creamy texture.
Compared to its counterpart shade Brick Red, it’s less pigmented but enough to cover pigmented lips.
It stays for 3 hours according to my experience but it does its job of moisturizing very well.

Here’s a lip swatch:

You can see how it looks on my pigmented lips.


1. Super creamy and moisturizing.
2. Chocolaty smell.
3. Affordable and can challenge high end brands.
4. Packaging is stylish.
5. Gives your lips a natural color.


1. Not at all matte. It’s glossy.
2. May not look good in highly pigmented lips.
3. Staying power is bit less.

Final Word: If you are a glossy lipstick lover then go get it. It smells great, offers good moisturization and looks natural. For matte lovers, it’s a big NO. Overall it’s a good lipstick according to its price.

Rating: 2.5/5

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