21 Best Rangoli Designs With Dots for Every Occasion

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Rangolis are everywhere during the festive season. You can see them everywhere. It is an integral part of Indian traditions and culture, and they have varying designs and shapes as per the regions. Here in this article, we bring you many rangoli designs with dots that are definitely going to gain you compliments.

You can create these designs with simple dots, and they can either be colorful or monochromatic. All you need to do is draw simple dots and join them together to make these designs.

Some of them are really simple for beginners, while others are quite complex and difficult. Some might require a lot of patience and precision, while others might be done in no time. Here we present some simple, easy, and best rangoli designs with dots, which can be great for all festive occasions.

Top Simple Rangoli Designs With Dots

1. Brown Traditional Rangoli 

This rangoli design may seem like a difficult one for beginners. But we hope the picture may help you get an idea of how the rangoli may look like. It involves geometric patterns and shapes which might seem complex. You need a lot of practice to achieve precision with this rangoli design. It can be done on some occasions and is an excellent way for beginners to learn. It involves light-handed motif strokes overlapping each other. The basic idea remains an abstract shape, but the geometry is confusing, but it looks good overall, so definitely give it a try. This is one of the best rangoli designs with dots.

2. Floral Rangoli

Best Rangoli Designs With Dots

This second rangoli is of flower patterns, and this is what we see mostly. The design looks quite simple, but joining the dots may be a little complex. Following the strokes may be difficult as well, but in the end, it gives floral rangoli, which never disappoints anybody. It involves an octagon shape and does not represent the usual round or square-shaped rangolis. Beginners might find this design a little challenging to try, but it is one of the best rangoli designs with dots.

3. Simple flowers

For my beginner friends, if the previous ones seemed difficult, I hope this one serves your purpose.  This belongs to the family of simple rangoli designs with dots. It is again a floral pattern in the shape of bulbs. It involves dots which, when joined, gives the shape of flowers. It is really great for special occasions, and the design and size can be altered as per your purpose. The outline is simple, and there are no overlapping structures, so it is relatively easy to do.

4. Peacocks everywhere!

Simple Rangoli Designs With Dots

This one is again for beginners, and it is one of the easy rangoli designs with dots. In this rangoli, we are going to draw peacocks and flowers. This rangoli can be drawn with numerous dots, which, when joined, forms beautiful flowers and peacocks. It may sound difficult, but joining the dots and getting the overall idea is very simple. This is the easiest rangoli but looks no less beautiful than the complicated ones. It uses different colors, which makes it more unique.

5. Autumn leaves

This one is not easy as well, but one of the best rangoli designs with dots. But despite that, if one has enough practice and patience, one might be able to achieve the look. To make things less complicated here, we have some beautiful floral patterns and leaves and other floral themes that are not interconnected, so the dots are easy to join. This is very less time-consuming but turns out really well. One can do this in no time, and it requires minimal experience.

6. Floral shells

For Bengalis, “Sankha “is of great value and signifies their devotion and religious belief. It is one of the simple rangoli designs with dots. This being an indispensable part of Indian traditions finds its place in rangoli designs as well. It is considered supremely holy and has undeniable importance. This rangoli signifies that we have twelve sankhas in total, with six in the middle and six others surrounding them to form the shape of flowers. It uses several dots which, when joined, form the shape of sankha and the adjoining flowers.

7. Something Abstract

Easy Rangoli Designs With Dots

This is yet another simple rangoli design with dots. It can be made extremely well in cases of a hurry. When you do not know what else to do, then you can draw this without any fuss. If you are late and you need to draw a design, or you want to try out with something basic, then this is a great option. Just draw the dots and join them by forming these simple lines, and you will get a very pleasing design. It will form a cross along with some circles and abstract designs to complete the look.

8. Cubic Flowers

Here we bring yet another simple rangoli designs with dots. Although it may look difficult, it includes simple floral patterns in the form of squares.  It generally represents geometric shapes, and you need enough precision to make this as neat as possible. After forming the dots, join the lines, and you will get this pattern easily.  The geometric signs make a “Swastik” sign if you look closely along with some flowers.  The uniqueness of the rangoli design is what makes it so attractive.

9. Lotus Love

This is another one of the easiest rangoli designs with dots.  In this, we are going to draw a lotus design. Beginners can really try this design with utmost ease as there is practically nothing that can go wrong with drawing a lotus. It may seem complex, but forming the dots and joining them together gives a pretty easy lotus design. This will give you an easy lotus snapped tangelo, which seems very welcoming and pleasing. This is a great way to say goodbye to the previous year and welcome the new one.

10. Stars and Flowers

This is a little complex than the earlier rangolis but one of the best rangoli designs with dots. This design features a star shape that incorporates several flowers to make the complete design. It has a lot of intricate details and requires a lot of precision. This design is going to fairly difficult for beginners to try out. It has a unique floral motif right in the middle of the entire design, which captures all the attention.

11. Rangoli Design for Kolam

This is a very complex rangoli design, but again, one of the best rangoli designs with dots. It requires a lot of practice to achieve this design. The design represents the festival of Kolam, which serves as the main origination of the idea.  This may be difficult for inexperienced or beginners as it includes many structures.  The structure consists of a lotus in the middle, along with some flower designs surrounding it.  You can join the dots to form the outline or fill in colors to make it more interesting.

12. Colored Flowers

This is another easy rangoli design with dots for beginners. If you are tired of browsing through all the difficult and complex patterns, then this is definitely going to save your day. It is unique and simple. It has incomplete flowers in the form of various geometric designs. You can fill in different colors to make it more captivating.  It may appear difficult, but it only has simple flowers at the end with geometric structures in the middle. It suits almost all occasions, and you can make it in no time.

13. Pretty Swans

Best Rangoli Designs With Dots

After having seen so many rangoli ideas with dots, this might be quite a refresher. This is a very complex but unique design in the form of a whirl. It consists of six swans that go circling towards the inside of the whirl.  The entire design is in the shape of a star. This looks complex because it is quite difficult and requires a lot of patience, but once done, you will get many compliments, and it is definitely worth it. It might be a little hard for beginners to get it almost perfect in one go, but you can achieve it with extreme practice and patience.

14. Floral Rangoli Patterns for Beginners

As the earlier one was a bit difficult so here we have easy rangoli designs with dots. This is a simple pattern with a few geometric lines in between them. It forms a floral pattern, which makes sit quite easy for beginners to try out. This is very easy, and you can do it at any time and any day.  It is also a great design for beginners to learn how to join dots to make rangolis. It is great for all occasions, especially religious ones. Another important way to celebrate this rangoli would be to place your idol in the middle of it and worship it. You can also draw it as a welcome sign to your house.

15. For the Experts

This design is again complex from your regular everyday rangoli designs. It has geometric figures along with some flowers, which represent a traditional style. The dots in this are minimum but require fine representation when making the circles and traditional designs. It involves some paisleys and a huge geometric shape in the middle. This rangoli is suitable for all occasions, and it requires a bit of expertise to achieve precision.

16. Symmetrical Shapes

Simple Rangoli Designs With Dots

This rangoli is unique and different from the everyday rangoli designs that we see. It has pure lines and geometric figures in the center and all over. These shapes are what counts for their uniqueness and make them different. It can be achieved by simply connecting the dots in straight lines. This may look complicated but is easy and can be achieved by beginners. This design is suitable for all occasions, and the unique design will grab lots of attention.

17. Starry Lights

This is another unique rangoli pattern. It is quite simple and easy. Here we have a star-shaped hexagon pattern with more geometric patterns within it.  It is different from regular rangolis, and the result is amazing.  It is simple, and you just have to be frequent with forming dots and joining the lines. This is quite amusing, and it will definitely capture the eyes of your guests. Being suitable for all occasions, this rangoli design is a great one to try out.

18. The Halo Effect

This is yet another easy rangoli design with dots.  It is simple but still gets you a lot of compliments. It uses several geometric shapes, which are quite easy and simple. All of these shapes are drawn inside a circle to get the halo effect.  The captivating eye part is the four “Diya ” like patterns in the between.

19. Flower Power Rangoli

Best Rangoli Designs With Dots

Yet another simple rangoli design with dots. It is everything, but boring is this rangoli pattern.  It is a simple floral pattern with six small flowers surrounding a single big flower in the middle.  Floral rangoli designs are great for every occasion, and they serve their purpose. There are also small leaves attached to the small flowers.  You can color them as well to make them look more catchy for the eyes. This is easy to do, and you can do it at your entrance every day. It involves such simple patterns that can be drawn even by beginners.

20. Swans in Love

Best Rangoli Designs With Dots

It is an eye-catching Rangoli design for love birds. Here in this design, you can see two swans facing each other and in love. It is perfect for those occasions which signify love, such as marriage anniversary, the first festival of a couple, and just any. The dots help you make this Rangoli easily, and the result is professional and captivating.

21. Life in the Sea

This is a very different rangoli design from all others. It is quite complex as it involves several patterns. It involves swans, which are a prevalent motif of rangoli designs. It also has some geometric shapes to maintain a unique look. All you need to do is join the dots and follow the pattern to achieve this look.


Rangolis are an inevitable part of Indian culture and traditions. It looks not only nice and decorative but also serves several purposes. While many rangoli designs are available out there, we hope that these designs will help you out.

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