10 Best Numbing Cream for Waxing, Tattoo & Microneedling

Waxing is one of the many ways to eliminate body hair. Undoubtedly, it is the most popular method of hair removal, along with shaving.

Waxing can keep your body hair-free for weeks. You either use hard or soft wax or hot or cold wax in this process.

Even though it serves as a great way to have clean skin, it is never painless. And so is microneedling and getting tattoos inked. Therefore today, we will help you choose the best numbing cream for waxing, tattoos, and microneedling, which can ease the threshold of pain.

Waxing can be a harrowing and terrible experience for beginners, and these creams numb the area which is going to be waxed.

It is pretty clear from the name itself that it is used before waxing to give a smooth and painless experience.

Not only waxing but getting tattoos can be painful too. Whether you are a mom or a bodybuilder, the pain is the same for everybody, and this is where numbing creams for tattoo comes in.

There are several numbing creams in the market, but you can use not all numbing creams on tattoos.

Most numbing creams can ruin your tattoo ink, therefore, spoiling your patience and endurance.

Numbing creams can also be used when you’re going through a microneedling procedure such as derma rolling. Before you use the device, you can apply a numbing cream to lessen the pain.

There are dozens of ingredients in numbing creams, which marks the effectiveness of the products. Therefore certain creams are specifically designed for tattoos.

What are Numbing Creams?

Numbing Creams lessen the pain caused in the process of waxing, tattooing, and also during laser hair removal. They give you a painless, waxing experience.

Many specialists claim that you only feel a slight sting during waxing, but it is a terrifying and painful process for beginners, or at least it appears to be.

It is said that you develop resilience over this pain after some time. However, not everybody is similar when it comes to pain and agony.

Many people grumble and complain about the pain as it is intense and unbearable. This is where numbing cream for waxing comes in. Topical creams work the best when it comes to easing the pain.

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Best Numbing Creams for Waxing, Tattoo, and Microneedling

The online market is the best place to satisfy all your searches. Therefore, we have selected Amazon to bring you the best. Let us see some of the best numbing creams for waxing, microneedling, and tattoos.

Numb Master Topical Anesthetic Cream

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This cream comes with an active ingredient, Lidocaine, in 5% strength.

It is the toughest over-the-counter cream you can find to provide relief during waxing.

The formulation is a blend of a topical sedative with microneedling methods. Numb Master Topical Anesthetic cream is also approved by the FDA, which guarantees the numbing cream’s effectiveness and standards.

The impact of this cream continues to almost an hour, and it can give you a painless waxing experience. It is simple to apply without being cakey or oily.


  • It is safe to use since the FDA approves it.
  • A non-oily product.
  • Provides a numbing impact for 60 minutes


  • The effect might not be long enough for a full-body waxing session.
  • This might not prove to be useful for Brazillian wax.

LMX Topical Anesthetic Cream

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This is a product which is manufactured by a trusted company known as Ferndale Labs.

This numbing cream for waxing contains Lidocaine 5% as the most powerful ingredient.

It will initially sting a little after you apply it, but once it settles, it numbs the area to the extent that you feel less pain.

Not just for numbing the pain caused by waxing, this cream is used before getting shots, laser hair removal, and burning pain.

You should be tolerant of this cream and allow it to penetrate your skin for a sufficient amount of time.


  • Manufactured by a trusted brand.
  • Easy to apply and very useful.
  • Tested and approved by dermatologists.


  • The duration of the impact is not long, so it might not help during long waxing sessions.
  • The degree of pain tolerance varies from person to person.

Topicaine 5 Topical Anesthetic Gel

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This cream is generally used to lessen the pain and uneasiness in the anorectal area and provides a painless hair removal session.

It contains 5% Lidocaine, the most potent anesthetic dose you can find on the market.

This cream is effortless to use, and the instructions provided are pretty straightforward too.

You only need to apply a slight amount of this cream to the desired area and allow it to penetrate deep into the skin.

This numbing cream for waxing needs a minimum of 60 minutes to produce effects, and the effect can continue until 90 minutes.


  • It is effective and efficient and provides temporary relief from pain.
  • It is easy to use, and the instructions are straightforward and easy to understand.
  • The duration of the impact is quite long.


  • The wait hour is too long, and everybody might not be comfortable waiting for this long.
  • This product might burn, and it is advised to use finger protection before using it with fingers.

Uber Numb Topical Numbing Cream

uber numbing cream

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This is an affordable, all-in-one cream that eases pain relief from tattoos, piercing, microblading, PMU, microneedling, injections waxing, and other non-invasive procedures with 5% lidocaine.

Its fast-absorbing formula gives a non-oily feel to the skin as if you’ve applied nothing. The numbing effect gets to its peak in 20 to 25 minutes, and the effect stays for up to an hour. Those who have used it for tattoos claimed it to be lasting for as long as 4 hours.

Uber Numb is a highly recommended numbing cream for tattoos as it numbs the skin for a decent time and proves to be the bang for the buck.

Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Cream

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This numbing cream for waxing is great to obtain temporary relief during waxing.

It contains 4% Lidocaine, which is an over-the-counter product, which works as the strongest anesthesia.

Dr. Numb Topical cream is a water-based numbing cream that is non-oily, non-greasy, and also hypoallergenic.

It works instantly and can also provide a long-lasting numbing effect.

It is painstakingly designed to allow the cream to penetrate deep into the skin and reap the maximum benefits of numbing during waxing.


  • This cream is non-oily, non-greasy, and hypoallergenic.
  • It provides instant numbing action, and the impact can last for quite a long time.
  • Works a miracle for Brazillian wax as well.


  • It is way too expensive.
  • The wait hour is quite long, and not everyone will have this type of time to spare.

Lidocane Plus Maximum Strength

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This is an affordable option for all those who want to get an effective numbing cream for waxing without spending much.

Lidocane Plus cream is a great option for beginners who are just starting their waxing treatment and just want to test out a numbing cream for its worth before actually buying one.

This cream contains 4% Lidocaine and Aloe Vera, which will help to soothe the skin in any tingling.

It is water-based cream, and it is perfect for sensitive skin as well.

The cream needs almost an hour and a half to show its effects and can save you from the agony for nearly 1 hour.


  • It is extremely affordable.
  • It has Aloe Vera, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin also.
  • Its impact stays as long as 60 minutes.


  • It is not as effective and efficient as compared to the other costly creams.
  • The wait hour is too long, and the impact time is also not sufficient for long sessions.

No Scream Cream Relax and Wax

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A licensed American aesthetician Deborah Merhar produces this cream. She is a waxing specialist and has more than 15 years of experience. She has designed this cream to give her clients the expertise of painless waxing.

This cream consists of 20% Benzocaine, and it is formulated to be safely used by all skin types.

It works effortlessly for any area of waxing, such as a bikini, giving almost no pain experience, and works best for beginners.

It requires 45 minutes to penetrate the skin, and the impact lasts as long as 60 minutes.


  • This cream is effective and efficient and is safe to be used in all areas for waxing.
  • This is a non-oily and non-greasy product.
  • It provides instant numbing action.


  • You should not massage it into the skin like other products, or else it may irritate the skin.
  • The impact time is too short and is not ideal for long waxing sessions.

Deeveeant Numbing Cream

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This is a numbing cream for a tattoo, laser, microneedling, microblading, and waxing. The packaging is simple and comes with a child-resistant cap.

It contains 4% medical-grade Lidocaine.

Apart from waxing and tattoos, many microblading artists and microneedling experts rave this cream.

It is a non-oily or greasy formula, and it requires only 2-5 minutes for this product to work.

The effect of this also lasts for about 4 hours and is pretty easy to apply and use.


  • It provides an instantaneous numbing effect.
  • Works best on broken skin.


  • An excess product might make the area slippery, therefore making it difficult for the tattoo artist.
  • The impact time is not long enough and needs to be reapplied for longer sessions.

Hush Tattoo Numbing Gel

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This is the most popular numbing cream for waxing and tattoo on the market.

Hush numbing gel contains 4% Lidocaine and is FDA approved.

You should use it 1 hour before tattooing, and the effect lasts as long as 4 hours, period!

It is non-oily and non-greasy, and it also has Aloe, Chamomile, and Green tea, which soothes the skin.

One tube is enough for an entire session, and the beauticians and tattoo artists recommend this cream.


  • Highly popular and FDA approved.
  • The effect lasts up to an unrivaled 4 hours.


  • Some might feel the effects fading away sooner than advised.
  • The cream might also not be strong enough to block pain in many cases.

Greencaine Numbing Cream

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This numbing cream for tattoos is created by US-based pharmaceutical experts in an FDA-registered lab.

It contains 4% Lidocaine and is non-greasy and non-oily.

You should apply a thick layer of cream 45 minutes before the commencing of the tattoo to get the maximum results. Remember not to rub the cream and allow at least an hour for the cream to be settle.

It absorbs fast into the skin after a little bit of rubbing.


  • Has the trust of doctors and the FDA.
  • Non-oily and non-greasy, which means the tattoo artist will not slip.


  • The wait time is too long, which might not be comfortable for everybody.
  • The duration of the impact isn’t known, which makes it difficult to choose this product.

Why Should You Go For a Numbing Cream?

If you are a beginner in this waxing world and everything seems new and painful, you might want to consider a numbing cream before going on this journey.

A numbing cream can give you a painless hair removal experience and enable you to achieve smooth and flawless skin without tasting agony. Several studies prove the efficacy of numbing creams. A 2018 study by the International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences says that Lidocaine, commonly found in numbing creams, helped patients with skin inflammation, especially after surgery.

Numbing creams today have become an utmost necessity, and almost everyone residing in all corners of the world has come across this product.

How to use a numbing cream?

Everyone might have used this product now and then, regardless of being a beginner or a pro. Using this cream is pretty simple and straightforward.

  • Spread the cream using a cotton pad or a soft cloth evenly across the part, which will undergo waxing.
  • Using your fingers can numb your fingers, so avoid it.
  • These topical anesthetics will numb the targeted area within 15-20 minutes, and you are all set to undergo the painful process of waxing.

Talking about numbing creams for waxing, you should use them on clean skin, and the product should also be allowed sufficient time to settle in. you should also massage the cream thoroughly until the skin absorbs it.

These creams desensitize your areas for a temporary period. However, it does not entirely take away the torment or distress.

After knowing about this amazing discovery, it might be the right time to get waxing done and flaunt the flawless and smooth skin.

Talking about the numbing cream for tattoos, read the instructions clearly before applying a numbing cream for a tattoo.

Everybody’s skin is different, and therefore, everybody will feel varying degrees of effects from these creams. However, one must remember that there is no magic potion, and the creams will not last entirely during your full body tattooing session being 100% effective.

It is important to be practical and realistic and allow the cream to settle before commencing the tattoo. As long as you buy a reputable and popular brand, be sure that it will be effective and satisfy your needs.

Talking about using the numbing cream for microneedling, always read the instructions carefully because you wouldn’t want to mess up the process.

Since the procedure requires puncturing the skin, you will require a topical anesthetic before microneedling your skin. Look for anesthetics like lidocaine, benzocaine, or tetracaine are essential for a painless experience.

Apply the cream about half an hour before starting the treatment to allow the ingredients to work. Alternatively, one can use an injectable anesthetic, but that’s not required and can cause systemic issues in the body.

While there will be redness, irritation, and occasional bleeding, there will be no downtime, and one can return to usual after the treatment.

Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing a Numbing Cream

We check several parameters while choosing an electronic item, clothes, or even beauty and skincare products. We consider the price, quality, features, and ingredients of every item we buy. Then how can we carelessly pick up numbing cream for waxing?

It is important to take into account a few crucial features while selecting a numbing cream.

So, here are a few important factors you should consider while choosing a numbing cream for yourself.

  • There is numbing cream for waxing, numbing cream for laser removal, and also numbing cream for the tattoo. So before you choose a numbing cream, it is vital to identify your purpose. This means that you need to keep in mind why you want a numbing cream.
  • Knowledge about the ingredients of numbing cream is also a significant factor to look for. The compositions of a numbing cream decide the quality and effectiveness of the cream. It is ideal to choose the right ingredients and use the right amount to have a painless hair removal session.
  • If you are buying a cream for the first time, we recommended using expert advice. A professional executive can help you make the right decision. Doctors tend to recommend the best prescription drugs for specific situations. They can also help you know about your allergies, skin sensitivity, and other medical conditions. So, whenever in doubt, while choosing a numbing cream for waxing, talk to a medical expert who can guide you about your health conditions.
  • If medical expert advice doesn’t satisfy you, the online market is your best friend. Customer reviews on different sites can give you a good idea about the product you will buy. You can search for your products and know their effectiveness, whether they work or not, and understand the customer reviews.
  • Try to select easily available creams. Be it in the online market or physical stores, stick to the well-known and popular ones. Make a list of all the products you have selected and compare their prices and availability across various stores. Well-done research can allow you to choose the best product and also enable you to keep an alternative if you do not always get your first choice.
  • Numbing creams may provide the benefits of painless waxing, but they can also have some side effects, as well. Usage of these products can leave your skin itching, burning, swelling, and can even form rashes. Also, an overdose of these products can give you serious trouble. Therefore, it is essential to research the products and their side effects before practically using them.

Numbing Cream – Frequently Asked Questions

Why wax and not shave?

Waxing may seem to be a painful process, but it is the best way to stay hairless for a more extended time.

  • Waxing has many benefits, which your regular razor doesn’t. It gives you that much-desired smooth, flawless, and polished skin.
  • You can wax on all parts of your body, starting from your eyebrows, face, upper lips, chin, chest, hands, underarms, abdomen, back, bikini area going all the way down to your legs and feet.
  • While shaving seems like a good method of painless hair removal, it can bring several problems like strawberry hands and legs and ingrown hair problems.
  • Shaving removes hair from the surface giving birth to ingrown and strawberry hands and legs. Waxing, on the other hand, goes below your skin’s dermis layer and removes the hair. However, it does not remove the hair from the follicles as an epilator, but it is still safer than shaving.
  • In waxing, the hair also takes time to grow again and appear on the surface, therefore, keeping you hairless for a long time. It is also efficient and fast, which is great for busy people who have no time to pamper themselves.
  • There is also no threat of cuts and bleedings in the process of waxing. Despite being a painless hair removal method, shaving can lead to cuts and bruises, leaving nasty scars in the future.

However, first, for people with sensitive skin, do a patch test before waxing.

How Often Should You Wax?

Results of waxing can last up to six weeks on average. But hair starts popping out anytime between two weeks, and it can take eight weeks for the hair to regrow fully.

However, in some individuals, hair growth can come as early as the first week of waxing. A hair length of 6mm is the ideal length for waxing.

Most people get a repeated waxing after four to six weeks of their last treatment. Unless your hair growth is too slow, six weeks might seem to be a very long time.

The key to getting amazing results and painless waxing is consistency. Once you start doing waxing, you need to be continuous and consistent.

The longer the hair grows, the painful it is going to be. In a year, you should wax at least three to four weeks rather than three or four months.

When you do this, your hair only grows ยผthย  of the natural length, and it becomes more comfortable and painless to remove it.

What if I’m allergic to numbing creams?

Some people might be allergic to common skin-numbing anesthetics like lidocaine and benzocaine. So when you can’t use either one, and it’s your first tattoo, get it only in places where it doesn’t hurt you much. Avoid sensitive areas where it can cause intolerable pain. Also, calm yourself with upbeat music. You can also rub ice before the treatment, but its effects won’t last too long. This method applies to any treatment session that causes pain.

Bottom Line

I hope this guide on picking the best numbing cream for waxing, tattoos, and microneedling helped you! Informing you about these numbing creams is not to scare you about the pain caused by waxing but to let you know that you can enjoy a painless waxing experience. It is important to look for the pointers we mentioned before choosing a numbing cream.

Happy waxing, microneedling, or tattooing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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