I Answered the Toughest Beach Eye Care Questions So You Don’t Have To

beach eye care

Ready to enjoy hours upon hours out in the glaring sun? Sounds great!

While you might be a sun lover, your eyes don’t love the sun’s oppressive glare. In fact, you can do irreparable damage to your eyes without the right sunglasses.

So, don’t forget you’re the importance of high-quality sunglasses like Quay Sunnies.


So let’s answer some of the toughest beach eye care questions.

Do I Need Polarized Sunglasses?

The polarization process adds maximum levels of eye protection when paired with 100% UV-protection. Many popular sunglasses brands are polarized. But what does polarization do? By causing dangerous light waves from the sun to scatter before they hit your eyes, you enjoy a much crisper, more colorful, world around you. But do you need this extra protection?

If you are planning on being on the water, boating or fishing, or the day is especially bright, then polarized shades are the best bet to fully protect your eyes. Even if you do not choose polarized lenses, be sure to purchase high-quality sunglasses that provide protection.

What About UV-Protection?

Cheap sunglasses often have a thin dark film over the lenses. This may not provide good protection for your eyes on the beach. In fact, if the lenses are dark but do not filter 100% UV, both UVA and UVB rays, then you may actually harm your eyes. Look for shades that have 100% UV protection. Polarized sunglasses also help with very bright conditions.

Don’t You Just Need Dark Shades?

If your sunglasses have dark lenses but do not provide additional UV protection, you may actually harm your eyes. Why? Your pupils dilate when you wear dark sunglasses. However, if you do not have UV-protection, that means that more harmful rays reach your eyes. How can you avoid harming your eyes at the beach? Be sure to wear lenses that have UV-protection. Speak with your eye doctor if you are not sure which brand you should wear.

Which Glasses are the Best Glasses for Me?

Choose the right sunglasses and you can go to the beach in style. Choose the wrong lenses, and well, you might look like a walking caricature. So how do you know which lenses you should wear? Well, you already know that you need to wear glasses that have UV-protection and that polarized sunglasses offer the most eye protection. However, choosing the right sunglasses also has a lot to do with your taste and your face shape. The shape of the sunglasses should be the opposite of the shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face, then opt for more angular square frames.

Do I Really Need Sunglasses on the Beach?

Constant exposure to ultraviolet rays and radiation from the sun leads to many degenerative eye conditions. For example, you can end up with temporary vision loss, macular degeneration, or pingueculae.

Long-term exposure to the sun without eye protection leads to cataract build-up. And while eye surgery is available to remove cataracts and improve eyesight, you can reduce eye damage considerable with high-quality sunglasses. Buy the right sunglasses today and enjoy the beauty of the sun damage-free!

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