8 Bad Beauty Habits That You Need to Change

Hey, girlies! After writing a post on 8 Beauty Habits to Start Incorporating from. Today, I’m here with some bad beauty habits that you need to change now for your good skin. Keep reading, and make sure you stop making these beauty mistakes.

Touching your face often

I’m going to put this on first because sometimes even I’m guilty of touching my face often. Texting on the phone and then unconsciously touching your face will transfer a lot of bacteria to your face. It will lead to bad breakouts and even an infection, so resist touching your face.

Using harsh face washes and cleansers

How many of you are going to admit that you like the squeaky clean feeling left by your face wash? I do but not too late to realize that harsh face washes strip oils from the face which will leave a dull and parched skin. Using them daily will mess up the pH level of the skin giving invitations to various skin issues like redness, dryness, fine lines, and even eczema. The safe bet is to use a mild face wash that cleans the face well without making the skin dry.

Not wearing a sunscreen

There’s a battle going in the beauty world about wearing sunscreen is necessary or not. But I think it’s essential to use it since it prevents sunburns, pigmentation, and even permanent tan. If you’re using a topical skin cream, it becomes even more vital to wear sunblock. I’ve heard it’s a myth that dusky skin tones don’t get tanned. The fact is that they do, and it’s just not much noticeable. You see, the main point here is to protect skin from harmful UV rays. Just make sure your sunblock is above SPF 30.

Washing face directly without removing makeup

It would be a disaster for me to do that. No matter how much or less makeup you’ve had, you need to remove it with a makeup remover first. You can also use natural oils to do the job. Directly washing face will make your eyeliner or lipstick’s residue stick on the face for weeks and lead to breakouts and brown spots.
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Scrubbing face almost daily

Exfoliating feels great and sloughs away dead skin, but going overboard with it will harm the skin in the long run. Ladies with oily skin do it often as to get rid of sebum, but you should exfoliate your skin, not more than twice or thrice a week. If done more than that, it will make skin dry, scaly, and irritated. Remember not to use a scrub with harsh granules.

Not paying attention to hands

When you’re having a coffee or talking with someone, your hands are most likely to get noticed. Did you know your hands can tell your age? Dry and lifeless hands give the impression that you’re older than you are. Start moisturizing your hands and see what difference it makes. Moisturize them every time you wash hands. It will instantly make them soft and warm.


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Sleeping on your side

A lot of us feel comfortable sleeping on the side but do no benefit to your body and instead strains the neck and other organs. From the beauty perspective sleeping on the side will squish your face against the pillow and cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear even before aging. It’s best to have your beauty sleep by sleeping on your back.

Using beauty products with unclean fingers

There are products, especially which come in a tub, require you to dip your fingers to scoop it out, but it’s very unhygienic. Make sure your fingers are clean before dip your hands since it can give breeding ground to bacterias. You can also use a small clean spoon to take out the product and shut the jar tightly.
These were some bad beauty habits that can do bad to your skin for the long term, so it’s better to avoid them and start caring for your skin.

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