The Most Effective Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

Sometimes it can be tricky to find an anniversary gift for our husbands.

The key to finding the best gift is to not think about whether you like it or not but think solely about him. This can include useful and practical gifts that would make life easier for him, which he might not think to buy for himself, or can be something completely original, or a mix of both.

Here we look at some of the most effective anniversary gifts for your husband that he will not have to pretend he appreciates.

anniversary gift related to sports

Sports gifts

If your husband is mad-keen on sports, show that you support his interests with a sports-related gift.  It can be a new set of golf clubs for when he has free time to go on the green.

For a milestone anniversary, take a trip to Las Vegas, where you can both play the tables in an attempt to win at blackjack, poker, slots, or roulette. There are other general ideas at your beloved may enjoy.

Other suggestions include a signed photograph of the sportsperson he most admires or a season ticket to watch the team he supports.

Take to the skies

anniversary gifts for husband

If your husband is an adrenaline junkie, a glider flight is an exhilarating experience as he soars effortlessly and quietly through the skies and panoramic views that will take his breath away.  He may also be given the opportunity, with a little help from an instructor, to take the controls in a dually controlled glider.

If your husband prefers to keep his feet on the ground, a full flying sensation in a flight simulator is great for aviation fans who would enjoy all the excitement, yet none of the fear, of a flight, particularly as he attempts to land at one of the world’s major airports. Simulators now have cockpits with great visuals along with sound effects from real aircraft.

Beer subscription

beer subscription for anniversary

If you man enjoys craft beer, introduce him to some new beers through a subscription that can deliver beers from different breweries to your home either monthly or bi-monthly. There are many different clubs with their own specialty, including international beers or rare beers. This could lead to trips you can make in the future to find these new breweries and pubs.

Boudoir photo book

photo album for gifting husband

Creating a boudoir photo book of yourself for your husband will be a gift he will treasure.

Find a trusted professional photographer who has experience in creating these tasteful and sexy photographs. Have hair and make-up done whilst you wear lingerie that shows off how beautiful you are. You can then use your chosen photos online to create a plush album for his eyes only.

Train Vacation

train vacation with husband

If your husband loved trains as a little boy, reignite that interest with a holiday by rail.

Follow the route of the Orient Express to Turkey, or take the epic Trans-Mongolian, arguably the most magnificent train journey in the world, which takes about a week if you travel non-stop between Moscow and Beijing, which crosses six time zones and allows you to see parts of Asia that most tourists have no access to.

More locally, there may be older narrow-gauge railways to visit, where he can volunteer in restoration work on engines and tracks with like-minded folk.

Creative gifts

creative gift ideas for husband

Anniversary gifts do not have to be expensive.

You can create a thoughtful gift with a “year of dates” box. Fill a dozen envelopes with ideas for a date and label one for each month. Then, arrange them in a box. Date ideas can be a night at the opera, visiting the coast, flying a kite, or going on a picnic.  Be imaginative and choose dates you know he will love.

Another idea is to buy packs of index cards. So that you have 365 cards for each day of the year, on each one, write the things that you love about your husband. Date each card and know that he can wake to something lovely for every day of the year to read. Plan this in advance as it can take some time.  You can use songs and poetry for inspiration or quotes.

So, these were some surefire-effective anniversary gift recommendations for your husband! Valentine’s day is on the way, too, so get ready with your preparations! 😉 

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