Affordable Cotton Pads Available in India


Hola chicas! How’s the summer going on for you? Well, in Delhi It’s one of the hottest days. Anyway, coming back to today’s post, I’m going to list down affordable face cotton pads available in India. I’ve used few of these cotton pads before so it will be a short review too. Let’s hop into the post now.

We all know how important cotton pads are if we’re into a skincare routine. If you don’t know, a cotton round is used for removing makeup and nail polish, baby care, first aid and for applying toner and lotions

Affordable Face Cotton Rounds Available in India


1. Tulips Cotton Pads

This is the first brand I’ve ever used and I think it’s one of the best quality cotton pads available in India. It comes for Rs. 80/- for 1 packet which contains 50 cotton pads. They don’t absorb the product easily thus not leading to product wastage. I use this to remove makeup and apply toner. They’re soft on the skin and isn’t abrasive. They’re usually available in a pack of 2 online and in stores like Big Bazar, etc you may find them. In short, these cotton rounds are value for money!

You can buy them here.


2. Bella Cotton Pads

The second Brand was Bella, which also offers amazing cotton facial pads at an affordable price. You get 80 pieces for Rs. 109/-. They are bit thin, unlike Tulip ones which are softer but are still good in terms of quality. They also have many variants available online like Aloe Vera and Makeup Removing Pads.

You can get it from Nykaa here and here.


3. Vega Cotton Pads

I haven’t used this but have read good reviews about this Brand. It retails for Rs. 110/- for 50 pieces which I think isn’t a bad deal either. Though some may find the price a bit high than other Brands available. Though it’s up to you to see what works best for you. Since I haven’t used them, I can’t comment on the quality.

You may want to buy them from Amazon here.


4. Caremate Facial Cotton Pads

I’ve used this once and quite liked it. They are not as thick as you would be expecting but they’re worth using. The texture is slightly rough and not as soft. It is priced at Rs. 130/- for 100 cotton rounds. Only the con about this product is that it’s always out of stock. You can still search for it online.


5. The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds

Some of us may find this Brand pricey but it never compromises with the quality. They’re made of organically grown cotton and has two textured surfaces for lotions and liquids. It costs Rs. 300/- for 100 cotton rounds.

You can get them from here.

I hope you liked my compilation of affordable cotton pads available in India. Which cotton rounds do you use? Share with me in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Affordable Cotton Pads Available in India”

  1. I empty the Bella ones almost every month. Those are easily available in supermarkets near my place. I never knew The Body shop too had cotton pads. Would now love to try them out.

    Nice compilation. 🙂

  2. Never knew there were so many cotton pad brands. I have never used a cotton pad. Just used a regular cotton from roll :D. But I think I need to give these a try…

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