Vega Flat Hair Styling Brush : Review

Hello cupcakes! How is winter going for you? For me, it’s so-so but I do love enjoying hot soups. Not getting into this much and starting off with the review now. I am a comb kind of person rather than a hair brush user. I’ve heard that hair brushes lead to more hair fall so I never bothered to use them but this little cutie caught my eye while discovering products online and as it seemed reasonable I ordered it. It’s Vega Flat Hair Styling Brush. And it’s in purple color, one of my favorites.

Price: Rs. 120/-

What does it claim?
● Daily styling for styles that require body and volume 
● Designed to grip and control the hair for smoothing, styling, detangling and affecting the finishing touch 
● For short to medium hair length 

Vega Regular Hair Brush comes packed in cardboard see through packaging. Handle is made of rubber for an easy grip. It’s available online and offline both in pink and purple colour. 

My Experience: Vega is a quite famous brand in India for its quality beauty accessories. Their products are great as well as affordable. This hair brush is perfect for everyday use. It’s convenient to carry around. Its bristles are soft and doesn’t hurt while brushing. I have long hair and it works fine for me. Reasons why I liked this:
● Brushing hair helps in exfoliation of hair scalp which removes flakes and dandruff.
● Feels soft and is like a massage for hair.
● Volumizes hair.
● Doesn’t cause hair fall like I expected.

Isn’t it so good but never ever use this for detangling if you have very frizzy hair or you might damage them even more. Use a detangling comb beforehand. It detangles better when hair isn’t wet. After using it multiple times in the bottom of bristles, hair gets accumulated and cleaning it isa tedious task. Since it affordable one might use it!

Tip: Use a toothpick to clean hair from hair brushes.

Final Word: I find this hair brush really cute and the way it softly exfoliates my scalp while giving me a voluminous look. It’s for everday use. It doesn’t cost a fortune so I recommend this!

Rating: 4.5/5

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