10 Things Girls Do That Boys Don’t Know

Well this is kind of off topic right? But we’re still ladies? 😀 I’ve noticed many things that I do including every girl that guys don’t know and thought to compile these things so that you can relate to it too.

1. Whenever we’re at home and know no one is coming so we tie up our hair in a pony or most preferably in a bun secured with a clutcher.

2. No makeup please! 
If we’re outdoor guys will rarely see us without makeup or a day cream and lip balm but when we’re at home we even think before applying any day cream or lipstick, forget about makeup.

3. It takes a lot of effort to get ourselves ready and do all that flattering makeup and it takes much of time.

4. Half of the time we take to get ready for college or office is wasted on choosing what to wear. I remember staring at the closet for 15 minutes and not yet decided what to wear.

5. Hello PJs! 
The way we dress up for a party or a date is completely different to how we dress up at home. A T-shirt and pajama is enough for a day. We keep it really comfy and simple at home.

6. We dress up and look beautiful only for ourselves.

Unless it’s a date, we only dress to impress ourselves so that we have that confidence of looking pretty. It’s not like we need guys’ attention!

7. Hair bands, clutchers, hair clips and rubber bands are what we lose every time but still keep buying them because we’re too lazy to find them.

8. We stare ourselves in the mirror whenever we cry just to see how we look and next time you won’t see us crying that way.

9. We get moody and clingy but it’s not always PMS! Sometimes we need someone to listen to us and not just label it as nagging.

10. We spend at least 40 minutes to 1 hour in shower not because we’re constantly cleaning but because of washing our hair that takes half of the time.

I bet you would’ve related to at least 2-3 points or maybe all? Is there anything else you would like to add? Comment below the things you could relate to! 🙂

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