TBC Organic Sunblock Mattifying Cream SPF 30 | Review

TBC Organic Sunblock Mattifying Cream SPF 30 | Review

I hope you’ll are blissfully shining my ladies! 🙂  A few weeks ago I received a product from TBC by Nature which is TBC Organic Sunblock Everyday Mattifying Cream in SPF 30. The tag ‘organic’ caught my attention as I’m always drawn towards organic skincare. In Delhi, the temperature is constantly blooming up and so is the sun’s rays and one must need a heavy duty sunblock to get optimum protection from. So after using this sunblock, I’m ready to share my views on it!

About this product:

TBC Organic Sunblock Mattifying Cream SPF 30 Review

Price and Quantity: Rs. 349/- for 120 g

Shelf Life: Not clearly mentioned but I guess it’s 3 years because the expiry is on 2020 and I got this product in 2017.

TBC Organic Sunblock Mattifying Cream SPF 30 Review

TBC Organic Sunblock Everyday Mattifying Cream SPF 30 Review

In the past, I’ve used TBC by Nature products such as their winter nourishing cream and vegetable peel pack. I had a fine experience with both of them. So TBC Organic Sunblock is my third product from this brand. If you’re a reader of my blog you would know how much I adore natural skin care, and organic is something attractive to me. Sunblocks today are effective but they’re loaded with chemicals. On one hand, they give a good protection and on the other, it may affect the skin in a long run. It’s my first sunblock which is organic. Before this, I used Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock and Lotus Sunblock which are one of the best sunblocks out there.

TBC Organic Sunblock Mattifying Cream SPF 30 Review

TBC Organic Sunblock has a light, whipped up texture. It smells like a flowery talc with a light fragrance.  It’s pearly white in color and gets absorbs into the skin seamlessly. However, it needs a good massage to get absorbed. It contains organic carrot oil and grape juice which are natural sunscreens. It doesn’t give a stark white cast but gives a glow to the face. Though it says it’s mattifying it gives a semi-matte moisturized look to my oily skin. If you live in a hot and humid area, it sweats a lot and sunblock will eventually slide off your skin. On a hot summer day, this cream gives me a sweaty look but isn’t greasy or oily. In normal weather conditions, it stays put giving a fresh, semi-matte look. I can’t comment about its protection from the sun but I’ve noticed that with regular usage of this cream, my skin looks better. Tanning is less noticeable than before. It will suit every skin type in the summer season.


  • Contains organic ingredients like carrot oil and grape juice
  • Gives a semi-mattifying look
  • Prevents tan
  • Skin looks glowing and fresh
  • Makes skin sweaty in hot weather
  • Not tested on animals


  • It melts and perspires from skin on a hot weather
  • Though a personal choice, more SPF could’ve been better

Final Word: Substantially, I don’t have any complaints with this sunblock. It’s organic, didn’t gave me a breakout and finish was semi-matte for my oily skin. If I’m out in a humid and hot weather, I tend to sweat a lot and for this, I use pressed powder on top of it. It gives me a healthy glow. It will suit all skin types so it’s recommended from my side.

*PR Sample, Honest Opinion

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  1. The ingredient list seems impressive. Glad that zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are right in the top ingredients. Would love to give this a try!!!

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