TBC By Nature Veg Peel Pack – Review

Hello lovelies! Thank god it’s weekend! Saturday makes me happy because it’s the day I pamper my skin without any hurries. 😉
I’ve never did the veg peel before but have seen ladies having it whenever I went to beauty parlor. When I came across a particular veg peel pack I thought why shouldn’t I try this?
So I bought it to try at home because I don’t have time to visit parlor.
I have used TBC by Nature Veg Peel Pack for the first time and I want to tell you how my experience was. So hold on and keep reading this review. 🙂

Price: Rs. 125/-

Quantity: 100 g

Shelf Life: 3 years

TBC By Nature Veg Peel Pack

Description: The summer sun can be very harsh on you and may cause skin problems like age spots, pigmentation, freckles, black heads, tan and burns. Beat the heat this summer with TBC by nature Veg Peel Pack. With the anti-tan properties of tomato and the vital nutrients of wheat grains and oat meal, this peel helps reverse the effects of such skin damage and leaves you feeling nourished smooth and beautiful.

Ingredients: Oatmeal, Tomato seeds, Maize grains, Wheat grains

Directions: Cleanse your face and apply TBC by Nature Veg Peel Pack evenly on your face and neck and leave on until dry. Wash it off with cold water and follow with the gold ‘N’ saffron Massage Cream.

TBC By Nature Veg Peel Pack

TBC by Nature Veg Peel Pack comes in a red colored flat tub with a screw top. Inside, it is sealed with silver film. This face pack is in the form of fine powder with mini chunks of wheat and maize grains which are meant for exfoliation.

My Experience: TBC by Nature is a new brand for me as I’m trying its product for first time. I’ve heard that they have a fine and wide variety of skincare products at affordable price.

TBC By Nature Veg Peel Pack

How I use this veg peel pack?
I mix the powder with rose water or any toner. After continuous mixing, it forms a paste. The paste shouldn’t be thick and too thin in consistency. I apply it on clean face and gently massage it in circular and outward strokes. Note that granules are bit harsh and rubbing too fast can damage the skin. After massaging for 2-3 minutes I leave it on for 5 minutes. After it dries I spray toner to moisten skin on my face and again massage gently for a minute. I leave it again for 3 minutes and then wash off. Directions of usage isn’t clearly mentioned on the pack so this is the way how I use it.

What did I noticed after using this?
I saw a clear and glowing skin with reduced tan. I had acne scars and slight pigmentation on my face which is the main reason for using this. I have an oily skin so it cleared away the oil. However I felt the need to use the moisturizer post using it. It controlled my oiliness for more than 4 hours. My skin felt soft and radiant. It was because of the ingredients. So far I liked this product!

TBC By Nature Veg Peel Pack

● Radiant and glowing skin after using this.
● My tan reduced to some extent.
● Skin felt soft and clean.
● It’s quite inexpensive.

● Granules are too harsh for skin if not massaged gently.
● Directions for usage isn’t clearly mentioned.

Final Words: My experience with this veg peel pack was great! I’ll look forward to more of their products  My skin felt soft, fair, even after using this. Although it may not suit pimple prone skin but will work for oily, combination, dry skin. Skin needs to be moisturized post usage. Quantity and price seems to be a good match too so I highly recommend this! 🙂

Rating: 5/5

Have you ever tried veg peel pack before of this brand or any other? Share your experience in comments!

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