15 Taylor Swift No Makeup Looks That Will Make You Swoon

The famous Shake It Off singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is best known for starting her career at the early age of 14 years. Since then, there was no stopping her from reaching great heights in the industry. Not just is she talented, she is a natural beauty, and in this post, we will take you through some best Taylor Swift no makeup photos that you’ll love.

With her music videos crossing billions of views and her songs topping charts, Taylor Swift has aced the music industry.

The fact that her relationship fiascos inspire her songs is among the better-known things.

Apart from her talent as a musician, this beauty has rocked several different looks, from curly hair to bangs to short and straight hair.

We’ve all seen her stunning, makeup looks, but we are here to discover the best Taylor Swift no makeup looks that will make you head over heels!

  1. The Young Beauty

Taylor Swift people's Magazine Photoshoot

This photo was clicked during the early years of her career when Taylor Swift was known for her curly blonde hair, sweet look. She went on for a no-makeup photoshoot with People’s Magazine, where she was featured for being voted for her natural beauty.

She can be spotted here, showing off her natural skin with open hair. Nothing in this look seems to be far from reality and shows the confidence that Taylor carries in herself and the true way that she looks.

  1. The You Belong With Me Look

In the chart-topping song with 900M+ views on YouTube, Taylor Swift is seen representing two sides of the feminine. The classic, hot cheerleader who wears short skirts vis-a-vis a simple girl who wears t-shirts and no makeup.

At the beginning of the video, she wears a long tee with cute glasses and pajamas. Throughout this video, she maintains this looks with several outfit changes that seem ordinary and represent a small-town girl who doesn’t believe in being anything but herself.

We love Taylor in this video and especially towards the end when she switches to a gown with minimal to no makeup.

  1. The Casual-Sporty Look

taylor swift no makeup looks
Taylor Swift No Makeup

Taylor is all for “Swifty,” casual looks, and in this picture, she is wearing a casual tee on a sports field. Here again, she has kept her hair loose and open, representing the free spirit that she has.

Large-sized tees are definitely a go-go, and Swift rocks this no-makeup look as well. All women should inspire to prioritize comfort when deciding their looks daily. Nothing is more beautiful than someone comfortable in their own skin.

  1. The Braided-Beauty

Being in the industry with a huge fan following can be challenging and leads the famed stars to present the best versions of themselves. But these best versions are not always authentic.

What the viewers need today is a star who is brave enough to be true to themselves and show that to others. Taylor Swift ranks superbly well here, as can be witnessed by this look where she can be seen with zero to minimal makeup and plain braided hair.

Apart from her face and hair, the clothes that she is wearing look comfortable and casual, showing that one can look mesmerizing at minimal effort too.

  1. Young Taylor

taylor swift no makeup looks

From the start of her journey as a musician, Taylor can be seen sporting a natural, zero-makeup look. This old picture of a younger Taylor shows how the star, even from a young age, was proud of the way she looked and put that on a plate for her listeners to see.

Her evolution to a multi-millionaire star did not change much as she still is as charismatic without makeup as one would be with it.

In this picture, Taylor is sitting with a guitar, featuring a quirky neckpiece, a net tee, loose leggings, and wavy hair. This picture lies at the heart of the teenage years of so many women.

  1. Straight Hair, Don’t Care – Taylor Swift No Makeup Look

Much different from her early years in the music industry, Taylor Swift could now be seen experimenting with her looks and especially her hair.

In this picture, she’s wearing the utmost essential requirement to be ready, that is a smile, paired along with straight hair that is a little wavy at the bottom.

Add to that a cute pink top with a bow to that look, and she’s ready to rule the Cute-Town.

  1. Casually Cute

This look is way different from the ones we’ve mentioned so far. Here she can be seen sporting not curly, not straight and not loose but rather tied-messed up hair.

This look voices all women’s concern that their hair is not always perfect and flowing but rather messy and tied up in ponytails or buns, which nevertheless is no less than beautiful. Taylor Swift completed with no-makeup look with a cute dress.

  1. The Side Bang-Queen

Taylor Swift No Makeup
Taylor Swift No Makeup

This look is hands-down the best Taylor Swift no makeup look so far. It is causal, serene, effortless, and gorgeous natural makeup look all at the same time.

Skincare and the way your hair looks are two most important requirements to look good naturally, and she tops both of these here.

We love the bangs and straight but wavy hair at the ends look. Bangs hardly ever go wrong on beauties like Taylor, and if it fits your hair type and your face shape, we’d recommend going for this evergreen look.

  1. All Black

Taylor Swift Without Makeup
Picture by: Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Black is known to be the one color that could never go wrong. Want to go to a party? Black. Want to look casual? Black. Sleepovers? Black. Dates? Black. Don’t know what to wear? Black. Just the same could be said about black leather jackets.

This look is everything right in the fashion world and yet comfortably casual. The fact that even the umbrella is black tops off the aesthetic. Taylor is wearing short straight hair here, which brings out her face and goes well with the outfit.

  1. The Regular Girl

Singer Taylor Swift, wearing a short little black skirt, leather jacket, ankle boots, black tights, and black pocketbook, walks in the rain under an umbrella after grabbing a coffee in Tribeca in New York City

This again is one of Taylor’s older pictures and represents natural beauty at its finest. She’s wearing a casual jacket with a scarf, skirt with prints and leggings, all things routine to the modern winter look.

Her earphones and bag personify the look. Also, it makes her seem like a regular girl out for a walk on a chilly day.

  1. Coffee-Mornings

What should be highlighted here is that Taylor is carrying the same bag as in the previous picture, therefore, breaking the stereotypical expectations for stars never to repeat clothes, bags, or accessories.

You can often see Taylor Swift photos getting out of the coffee stores. Here in this picture, she’s wearing a Trench Coat with a bag of the same color along with loose open hair to complete her look.

  1. Dress To Impress

We are absolutely fond of how Taylor went ahead an inch and paired a dress with a cardigan. This look is the definition of cute yet simple.

Taylor chose to keep her hair tied in this, which actually complimented her outfit. She rolled up the sleeves of the cardigan to make the look even more casual, and that is what makes this beauty a natural.

  1. The Hoodie

Hoodies are a wardrobe essential. Literally, everyone should and does have one. Taylor’s look here shows how all girls need to go out and get going is a hoodie and some confidence.

Her tied-straight hair goes well with the look. The cherry-like glow on her face puts down all comments against her radiance.

  1. Sun-Dae Taylor Swift No Makeup Look

Checked shirts are one of the most popular trends in fashion and go well on almost everyone. In this no-makeup look, Taylor is wearing a key as a neck-piece. As she takes a stroll with some ice cream.

We love how curly flicks are coming out of her pony at the front of her face. This is a classic summer look, and Taylor perfectly tunes in here just like her music.

  1. The Tech-Savvy Chic

Is it just us, or does Taylor resemble her best friend Selena Gomez here?

Nobody can rock tied up hair, and a casual look like Taylor does. In this look, she’s wearing a printed top and has accessorized it with a pendant and earrings. Again here she has folded the sleeves of her top, adding the casual-ordinary element into the look.

The Bottom Line

So, here ends our collection of Taylor Swift no-makeup looks. It is essential that when we see pictures of celebrities online, we should remember that they’re just like us. Beneath all the glamour is an ordinary human being, so looks and feels just like us. Always prioritize your natural, authentic self. Don’t be afraid to go out with no makeup or wear what you like. There is nothing more beautiful than confidence.

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