Stay Quirky Nail Polish Blue Petal 294 – Review

Hello sunshines! Don’t you think hands look dull when there’s no pop of color on the nails? I think so! But I’m always confused about what shades would look great on me and specially when you’re ordering it online, it’s like shooting an arrow in the dark because you never know what shade it may turn out. I bought Stay Quirky Nail Polish in Blue Petal (294) shade. I will review it today!

Price: Rs. 80/- (I got it for 60)

Quantity: 6 ml

Shade: Blue Petal 294

Stay Quirky Nail Polish comes in a cylindrical glass bottle with black screw cap. Its packaging is same like Maybelline Color Show nail polishes. Its brush is average in quality.

My Experience: I like trying new brands when it comes to nail paints because what it matters is the shade and I don’t have to worry if it suits me or not. This particular nail polish is in deep blue shade and what I call it is ‘Midnight Blue’ kind of shade. It’s deep and dark inky shade that will look good in any skin tone. I love this shade!

Once I apply this nail paint, it dries up within 2 minutes but I take 5 minutes to ensure it doesn’t get messy. Color shows up just in 1 coat but you need to apply 2 coats for a good finish. After applying, it imparts shine on nails but that vanishes after drying. It is not glossy enough but its texture is fine. It starts chipping slightly within 7 days but that happened because I didn’t apply top and base coat. I liked the shade of this nail paint and rest was just fine for me!

Final Words: Stay Quirky nail paints are of fine quality and I guess this is what you get at this price but I think Maybelline ones are better in terms of quality than these. I would like to try more shades from this range and hope they will be more better! I’ll still recommend this nail paint as it’s an edgy and unique shade to wear.

Rating: 3.5/5

Have you ever tried Stay Quirky Nail Polishes? What do you think about this brand? Share below on comments 🙂

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