Smart Lipstick Hacks For A Flawless Application


Hey guys! As easy as it seems, appliying lipstick perfectly is not an easy job and wrong application can mess up your look. So I’m here to share some of the smart lipstick hacks that will help you achieve a flawless finish.

• Always apply light and fresh shade of lip gloss for daily use.
• Avoid outlining the lips if you have full lips and also avoid dark lipstick shades.
• To lighten a dark shade, apply pink or peach lipstick over it.
• Applying a dark shade lipstick with lip brush will impart a thin layer. Apply a light shade over it and blend. This will create a nice effect. For example , applying a pink shade over dark brown lipstick will create a beige look.
Source | Cosmopolitan

 You can easily change the shape of your lips by covering the outer corners with concealer and then shaping them with a lip pencil.

• If you’ve accidentally got a lipstick stain on clothes then spray a hairspray over it and let it sit then wash it.
• Women with fuller lips should avoid using a lip gloss since it makes it appear more thick.
• If you have thin lips, apply the lipstick and lip gloss of a natural shade.
Lipstick Tips for Perfect Application
• Dark shades such as brown, mauve, maroon etc make the lips look thinner than it really is!
• For a perfect finish, apply loose powder on lip corners and then apply lipstick. It will not bleed afterwards.
• When going out in the sun, apply a shade matching to your natural lips.
• To avoid feathering of lip gloss, apply it on the center of lips. For a natural finish apply a clear gloss with fingers on the lower lip.
Did you liked these simple hacks? Or have your own? Then, please share in in comments below 🙂

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