How to Slay Your Everyday Makeup Routine

How to Slay Your Everyday Makeup Routine

Every morning we wake up and go through our routine: Shower, coffee, choosing an outfit and taking on the day. But there is one more step that goes somewhere in between the overnight oats and the habit tracker fill outs –applying the makeup. It’s the way to express yourself and boost your confidence and energy to face the day. But nailing the perfect look for your face, personality and lifestyle isn’t always easy. Not to worry – here is a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect everyday look and slay your everyday makeup routine.

How to Slay Your Everyday Makeup Routine

Start with a good base

No makeup could ever do for you what good skin care and health can. So before you start applying makeup on your face, make sure that your skin is getting the best possible treatment. Clean your skin with a gentle soap or everyday cleanser every morning and evening. Two to three times per week, use a gentle exfoliator to remove the excess dead skin cells. Make sure you are using your fingertips to massage the product in because using your palms might be too rough on the gentle skin of the face. Once a week, treat your skin to a hydrating mask or deep cleanse.

When it comes to applying makeup, make sure you are using a good moisturizer underneath the makeup (even if your skin is naturally oily) and a primer that matches your skin type. This is one of the best ways to slay your everyday makeup routine!

How to Slay Your Everyday Makeup Routine
How to Slay Your Everyday Makeup Routine

Foundation is the key

Some people don’t need to wear foundation at all, and some feel much better with it. You should always wear only the things that feel good on your skin and make you feel good from within. You can use a beauty blender or high-quality makeup brushes to apply your foundation, and make sure you blend it in well all the way down your neck and around your ears. If you feel like a full face of foundation is too much for you, you can also use a light BB cream or a dollop of makeup only in the areas you want to enhance.

Finish off your base with some concealer applied wherever you feel like you need some extra coverage. To prevent the makeup from slipping and sliding off your face, make sure you apply a light layer of setting powder and pop a few oil-blotting sheets in your bag for on-the-go touch-ups. If you are expecting a very hot day or any situation where your makeup might become a casualty, you can put on a setting spray when you finish off your look to make sure everything stays in place.

How to Slay Your Everyday Makeup Routine
How to Slay Your Everyday Makeup Routine

The windows to your soul

Your eye makeup will mostly depend on the shape of your eyes and your personal style. If you like rocking a smokey eye, then master that skill and have that as your go-to style (and it’s a good look to have in your inventory even if you don’t wear it every day!), or if you prefer a more subtle look, then learn how to do a subtle eyeliner wing and how to properly highlight (the center of the upper lid, inner corner of the eye and just underneath the brow are the usual spots). If you get a versatile palette like the Naked palette, you will be able to switch up your makeup while still keeping it natural and soft. Extend your lashes with waterproof mascara and if you feel like it, you can even add Ardell individual fake lashes for an extra boost.

Another essential part of your eyes is your eyebrows because no look is complete without a good frame – and that is exactly what your brows do. No matter whether you will make them a focal point by filling them out and shaping them, or you prefer to just lightly fill them in with a Clinique brow powder and brush them into place, make sure they are not forgotten!

How to Slay Your Everyday Makeup Routine

Sculpt away

The most look-altering part of any makeup look is the contour since you are literally enhancing the shape of your face. There are many ways you can go with your contour, but the one rule that you must remember is to blend, blend and blend some more! The biggest enemy of the everyday look is harsh lines going across your face, making it look unnatural. To make the process faster, you can use a 2-in-1 contour and highlighter product like the one from EM cosmetics.

Give your face some color and glow by applying a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and make it glow by applying a natural highlighter on the top of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose.

How to Slay Your Everyday Makeup Routine
How to Slay Your Everyday Makeup Routine

Pucker up

The shape and color of your lips can completely change the vibe of the entire look. For a more natural look, you can apply a simple lip gloss or a lip stain in a subtle color, but if you want a more professional and put-together style, you should line your lips with a pencil that matches your lipstick color, fill them in, and clean up the edges with a pencil concealer. For a matte look, apply some baby powder on top of your lipstick, or add some gloss to make them shine. Feel free to play around with the shape of your lips and don’t forget to make your lips pop with a touch of highlight on the top of your cupid’s bow.

The best look is the one that you make yourself. No matter whether it’s a devotion to the blazing red Kat Von D lip you will religiously apply every day, or a small dot finishing off the eyeliner in the inner corner of your eye, find something that helps you feel good and makes you stand out from the crowd. But remember, the best way to look beautiful is to shine from within, so make sure you are letting yourself shine through any makeup!

So, this was a guide on how to slay your everyday makeup routine with simple tips! What’s your mantra to slay your everyday look?

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  1. Teodora Dimitrova

    Great post hun! I agree with all of your tips. I skip some of the steps sometimes when I’m in a hurry but generally try to follow them all! 🙂

    Teodora xx

  2. Amazing tips! I enjoyed reading your article very much. I must admit I sometimes tend to skip some steps in my morning make up routine, but after reading this I will definitely give more attention to it. Thank you for recommending Ardell individual fake lashes I don’t actually have a habit to use fake lashes that often but I purchased them this morning and they look amazing.

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