Nail Colors That Flatter Every Skin Tone

Hey pretty ladies! It’s Sunday evening and weather has cooled down from being scorching hot. These cool evenings are incomplete without a hot cup of tea. Now I’m staring at my bare nails. *Thinking* Don’t you think nail polishes make hands beautiful and groomed up? Nails feel kind of lifeless without them in my opinion but just splashing on a random shade on nails won’t make them appealing.
Not every shade suits everyone. It all depends on complexion but thankfully there are many universally flattering shades that look good almost on every skin tone, from pale to duskier ones. I’m going to list them all today!

1. Black!

A bold and dark color that anyone can sport without thinking a word. Black has got intensity, strong vibes and speaks itself. Black makes hands look lighter and gives a clean look to nails.

2. Red = Hot!

Red is another color that suits everyone. Red nails are great for a sexy look. Though it’s not a daily wear kind of shade, it has its own charm and instantly brightens nails. However reds come in various shades and darker ones suit every complexion. Duskier skin tones should avoid bright and tomato red.

3. Dusty Rose

It’s my favorite shade as it’s subtle and apt for daily wear. It’s a mixed shade of brown, peach and pink. It doesn’t scream attention but looks sophisticated and elegant. Dusty Rose with pink tones also look lovely!

4. Teal

I’m not talking about the bright neon kind of teal but a dark and pigmented one. Teal looks gorgeous on every nail giving them a modern and stylish look. Teal is a unique color that goes well with every kind of outfit. Read Maybelline Colorshow Tenacious Teal Review

5. Gold can never get old!

Gold – When you hear it you think of luxury, shimmers and all that things that glow! Gold makes nail stand out and shimmer give a radiant look. You can’t eat gold to glow but you can make your nails glow with gold. 

6. Midnight Blue!

Another shade that is highly recommended after black. It’s a good shade for evening parties. It’s basically a darkest version of blue, a bit closer to black. Imparts a sexy look to nails and specially to long nails. I have reviewed Stay Quirky Nail Paint in Blue Petal shade which is in midnight blue.

7. Light Plum!

Plum is a lighter version of maroon more towards the berry side. It is yet another luscious nail shade that suits every skin! It has a power to light up hands making them look manicured.

8. Brick Orange! 

If you love orange but can’t dare to sport it, go for this mute brick shade. This shade comes out beautifully on nails giving them a sultry look.

9. Fuchsia

If you love pink, you must be loving fuchsia more. It’s a deeper and brighter version of pink that suit almost any complexion. A fuchsia that doesn’t look neon suits dusky skin more and lighter ones can choose any fuchsia.

10. Olive Green

Olive green seems but unusual shade but it totally rock the nails. It speaks out funky and being loud and sporty. Lighter shades of green also flatter every nail.

These were the nail polish shades that suit almost every Indian skin tone. Do you know more shades that are universally flattering? Let me know in the comments! 

Till then keep shining lovelies! :* 

Images courtesy: Google and some of my own pics

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