Must Have Beauty Essentials For Every Bathroom

Must Have Beauty Essentials For Every Bathroom
Must Have Beauty Essentials For Every Bathroom

You might have a huge vanity table with heaps of makeup and skincare products lying there and I bet that you forgot about at least 3-4 of them that they exist. My advice put them in your bathroom! Today I’m going to tell you those must-have beauty essentials which have made their way to my bathroom.

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Skincare Must Haves
When you wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom, face wash is what you’ll first reach to. Choose a face wash which is gentle for skin and doesn’t dry it out. I use L’oreal Paris Skin Perfect Pimple Reduction Facial Foam for my oily skin. Also keep a mild face scrub so that you don’t forget to exfoliate!
Hair Care Essentials
Though obvious, shampoo, conditioner and hair serum are must haves for every bathroom. They are the products which everyone reaches out to, the first thing when taking a shower. I use Tresemme shampoo with Aroma Essentials hair conditioner. After that I apply Livon Moroccan Oil Silk Serum which is light and smells nice.


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A Refreshing Body Wash/Shower Gel
Nothing can be as rejuvenating as a body wash which invigorates the senses. A bathroom isn’t complete without one. I recommend Just Herbs Shatpatri Body Wash since it’s mild and smells heavenly of roses. If you prefer shower gels which are moisturizing, go for Palmolive Absolute Relax Shower Gel.


Deo and Body Mists
You need to smell good after a shower, right? Don’t forget to keep a long-lasting and fresh smelling deo in your bathroom cabinet. You may choose a body mist which is milder than deo and gives a delicate touch to your personality!
Makeup Wipes
After a long and tiring day, you have an urge to free your face from makeup and this is when makeup wipes come to use. After washing your face wipe off the makeup residue with them. Or if you’re too lazy then skip face wash and use them right away!
These were the essential products which I always keep in my bathroom. What are yours?

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