Featuring Anti Aging Skincare Products by Mitchell USA

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We haven’t talked about anti-aging had we? I’m in the early twenties and concerned about my skin’s health. Though I’m blessed (read cursed) with oily skin, my skin still needs hydration. And I have no idea how to incorporate an anti-aging skincare regimen. A few days ago I got a chance to try a skincare range. So I’m introducing you all to a newly launched brand – Mitchell USA who just launched their age-less anti-aging range which consists of seven skincare products. They target every issue an aging skin goes through. To know more about this brand and it’s products, keep reading on this post!

Mitchell USA Age Less Skincare Range Review

About the Brand: A leader specializing in high-performance cosmeceutical skincare products, Mitchell Group pride themselves in formulating skincare products with high potency formulas that address specific skincare concerns providing consumers with the best skincare solutions to achieve flawless and ageless skin, at any age.

What’s so unique about this Brand?

Skin’s youthfulness depends on the vitality of two proteins: Collagen and Elastin. As skin ages, Collagen and Elastin molecules are damaged and reduced. This leads to loss of tone, sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. Mitchell’s Age-Less product range contains Lotus BioRepair MT Complex, which combines Sacred Lotus Seed Extract with peptides, antioxidants, amino acids, anti-inflammatory botanicals, and newly discovered algae extracts to repair and renew the proteins that make skin appear youthful. Age-Less is your non-invasive solution for tightening and lifting skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving tone and luminosity.

Mitchell USA Age-Less Skincare Range Review

I was provided samples of these products in the form of pouches. I used them for a week and now I think is a good time to share my experience. I will review this routine-wise like from face wash to night cream!

Mitchell USA Age Less Skincare Range Review

Papaya Brightening Cleanser

This cleanser has a faint fragrance of papaya and has a thick, creamy consistency. It is not a type of face wash which lathers. One has to spread it and massage this face wash onto the damp skin. It takes time to rinse off and post-washing reveals a soft and smooth face. It doesn’t dry out skin at all. It also removes makeup along with the dirt.

Mitchell USA Age Less Skincare Range Review

Skin Polish Insta-Brite Exfoliating Cream

I just love this scrub! It has minute Jojoba beads which exfoliate skin deeply without being abrasive. My skin loves getting scrubbed with this exfoliating cream. It doesn’t have an overpowering fragrance, rather a faint sweet fragrance. It scrubs away dirt by deeply cleansing the skin as well.

Mitchell USA Age Less Skincare Range Review

Lift & Firm Tightening Serum

It is a colorless gel-like skin serum that tightens skin after application. My open pores look invisible after applying this and skin tightens. It makes the skin look less puffy and is a great anti-aging serum. This is because it contains skin-loving ingredients like Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and Ginseng.

Mitchell USA Age Less Skincare Range Review

Skin Energizer Peptide Hydration Cream

This cream has a nourishing formula that moisturizes the skin without making it look oily. It’s a lightweight cream. On my oily skin, it doesn’t look greasy. It gets absorbed in a jiffy and gives my skin a healthy and plump look.

Mitchell USA Age Less Skincare Range Review

Lineless Eye Complex

This is one of the hydrating eye creams I’ve ever used. It is so light and easy to spread. I dot this cream on my under eye area and massage it lightly. It gets absorbed fast. It leaves my eye area soft and moisturized and also blurs out the fine lines.

Mitchell USA Age Less Skincare Range Review

Neck Therapy

I haven’t used any cream specifically for neck yet. I didn’t know that paying attention to the neck was also necessary. With aging our neck also tends to get wrinkles and lines here and there which gives a mature appearance. This neck cream has a thick texture which gets absorbed quickly after massaging.

Mitchell USA Age Less Skincare Range Review

Night Therapy

An anti-wrinkle anti-aging cream meant for use at night. After I’m done with applying all the above products I end my skincare ritual with this night cream. Like other creams, this too doesn’t leave an oily cast. Rather it hydrates the skin deeply and when I wake up, my skin looks smooth, even, and satiated.

Does this range sound promising to you? Are you going to try any of the products from Mitchell USA? Comment and tell us.

Mitchell USA Age-Less Products
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Final Word

None of this range’s creams were heavy on the skin. They are light as a feather and gets absorbed quickly without leaving a residue. My oily skin approves it so it will suit any type of skin. Since I’ve used it and the pouch lasted for a week, I can’t comment on the long-term effects. Mitchell USA is a luxury brand that caters Indian skin and the range is promising for sure as it contains lotus seed, a premium ingredient as a base ingredient in their products. With using this whole range, it definitely gives a beautiful and healthy-looking skin. It is available online at Nykaa. I need to get this range for my mom ASAP!

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    How wonderful ???? I love lightweight skincare products especially during summers ☺ lovely post, Mariyam ????

  2. Courtney Carlin

    Very empowering indeed. You are right, women deserve to be more glowing. Skincare is really important to us. I also think this product works effectively. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips!

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