Just Herbs Shatpatri Wild Indian Rose Body Wash : Review

When I think of Just Herbs, I know one thing that their products are organic. After using their shampoo and conditioner I wanted to try their body washes so I got one! It’s Just Herbs Shatpatri Wild Indian Rose Gentle Body Wash and mind you, it’s really gentle. So here goes my views on it!

Price: Rs. 545/- for 200 ml | Buy it Here
Shelf Life: 3 years but best used within 6 months of opening
What Does It Claim?
• Gentle formula Sulphate & paraben free
• Free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG
• Genetically modified ingredients(GMO) and other synthetic ingredients
It comes in a plastic cylindrical bottle with a twist-up pump cap which is very convenient. I like the smell of fresh roses it has with light notes of honey. If you’ve used Gulabari rose water you’d know how it smells.

Just Herbs Shatpatri Wild Indian Rose Gentle Body Wash Review

I love floral body washes and this rose one was no exception. It has a gel-like runny consistency and smells really fresh! I don’t use loofah so I usually take a dime size of it on my wet palm and massage it over my body. Despite being free of SLS, it lathered decently. While rinsing it off, it actually took longer and left a slippery feeling. Though my skin was properly cleansed, I could still feel a thin layer but thankfully it subsided and I was left with a squeaky clean, fresh skin.


It also didn’t dry my skin out which is a plus but I still used moisturizer above it. I expected the rose fragrance to stay, but it vanishes as soon as I stepped out of the bathroom. I could only smell it when I sniffed my body but that’s not the point, I loved the fact that it’s SLS-paraben free and made of organic ingredients. It was gentle and refreshing, and that’s how I want my body wash to be…
  • The fresh fragrance of rose and honey
  • Sulfate-free so feels gentle on the body
  • Leaves skin clean and rejuvenated
  • Made of certified organic ingredients
  • Takes time to rinse off completely
  • Fragrance fades away quickly
Final Word: If you’re into organic and chemical-free body washes then go for this. It has a mild scent of roses which definitely will enhance your shower experience. Being free of SLS it’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t dry it out. So it’s recommended for all skin types!
Rating: 4/5
Have you used anybody wash from Just Herbs? How was your experience?

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