11 Types of Indian Jewelry That You Didn’t Know Existed

Indian women have always been very fond of wearing and taking care of jewelry of all kinds. Jewelry is not just a part of their costume on special occasions. Indian women in their daily lives wear it. Except that the kind of jewelry varies according to the occasion. India is a country of diverse culture and religion. Designs and types of Indian jewelry, therefore, differ from region to region and sometimes depend upon customs and tradition.

Jewelry making is an art and different types of materials are used to make Indian jewelry. Here are some distinct jewelry types which are popular in India:

Types of Traditional Indian Jewelry

Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry is not generally made for commercial purposes anymore. Some Indian families have secured some antique jewelry inherited from their ancestors. These pieces of jewelry are not fashionable and appear to be dull and rough.

Beaded Jewelry

Bead jewelry are one of the oldest kinds of jewelry that dates back to the times of Indus Valley Civilisation. Beads used are made of pearl, clay, gold, silver, wood, paper, plastic, etc.

Bridal Jewelry

Bridal jewelry are gaudy and is made of expensive superior quality metals. Costly embellishments are also used on them. Gold bridal jewelry are popular in India but platinum and diamond bridal jewelry are also quite famous.

Custom Indian Jewelry

As the name suggests, it is made according to the customer’s directions. Metal type, design, size, etc. are all customized.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is made of copper or steel. It is not expensive and made to look fashionable only. There are plenty of designs available that keeps changing according to fashion trends.

Gold Jewelry

When it comes to gold jewelry, we only consider the pure gold ones. Though gold is used in other jewelry types, pure gold jewelry is different. Gold bangles, earrings, rings, etc are also daily worn jewelry. You can check out simple 22k gold bangle designs with price and other gold jewelry online.

Handmade Indian Jewelry

Most of the jewelry made in India are handmade. Indian craftsmanship produces jewelry of metal, glass, stone, etc.

Ivory Jewelry

Ivory jewelry is famous in Gujarat and is worn by the bride as a custom during a marriage. This jewelry is made of the tusk of an elephant and is quite expensive.

Stone Jewelry

Kundan and Polki are two of the few examples of stone jewelry in India. Stone jewelry has a base of gold or any other metal.

Tribal Jewelry

Tribal jewelry is made out of bone, crude metal, clay, shells, seeds, etc. There are countless designs and techniques used to make this kind of jewelry. Jewelleries made out of shells popular near the coastal regions while burnt clay jewelry is the signatory of the eastern part of India.

Navaratna Jewelry

It is an auspicious type of jewelry. Navaratna are nine precious stones embedded in a single piece of ornament. It is a belief that the energy from nine different stones ensures the well being of a person.

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