6 Proven Ways to Improve Your Beauty, Looks and Confidence

On some days we feel beautiful, while on others we refuse to walk outside of the apartment because we can barely look at ourselves in the mirror. Having high self-esteem affects our entire life, and it’s crucial we think well and highly of ourselves if we want to move forward in our business careers, and live a happy and thrilling life. Therefore, if you haven’t felt so good in your own skin lately, a few beauty tips will help you become more confident and feel beautiful again. So here are some proven ways to improve your beauty, looks, and confidence.

Constant exposure to the media that glorify all those seemingly gorgeous celebrities can sometimes make us feel worse about ourselves. All the flawless red carpet looks and photoshopped images on social media paint a picture of an unrealistic beauty standard that we strive for. Meanwhile, those same superstars have a bad hair day and sometimes their skin breaks out too because they’re regular people like anyone of us.

Therefore, stop comparing yourself to them, and don’t think for a second that you are worth any less. Instead of trying to be someone you’re not, focus on improving the quality of your life. Work out more, enjoy your favorite hobby or start a new one, spend quality time with people that make you happy and you’ll feel better in no time.

6 Proven Ways to Improve Your Beauty, Looks and Confidence

  • Take care of your skin

Clear, youthful and radiant skin is everyone’s dream, and now it can come true. With the finest ASAP skincare products you’ll get that gorgeous look that will take years off your face and instantly make you feel better about yourself. A combination of serums, moisturizers, masks, scrubs, and cleansers will help you get rid of all the breakouts, dryness or battle oily skin, offering you a wonderful complexion.

6 Proven Ways to Improve Your Beauty, Looks and Confidence

  • Eat well

A healthy diet is key to shiny hair, healthy nails, and clear skin, so it’s vital that you take plenty of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fibers through your meals. Fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, and various nuts are all you need to maintain a regular intake of healthy food. Avoid sweets, alcohol and sugary drinks, and drink plenty of water instead. Green tea is also a good choice since it’ll keep you hydrated, and help your body detox.

  • Make-up to the rescue

Make-up can make or break your entire appearance. That’s why it’s essential that you apply it in the right way, so you can refresh your looks and improve your confidence. Concealer to cover up those dark circles around your eyes, or the newest zit, a foundation, a touch of blush and bronzer and you’ll have that effortlessly beautiful and glowing natural look.

6 Proven Ways to Improve Your Beauty, Looks and Confidence

  • Smile more often

Whenever you feel happy, you smile; but why not smile when you don’t feel quite joyful? Namely, according to research, we will become happier if we force a smile while we feel down. So, use every chance you have to smile to a kid or someone who might have had a worse day than you did. You can make their day, and feel better yourself at the same time. Furthermore, pearly white teeth will make your smile gorgeous, and make you more attractive, so be sure to keep them shiny and clean.

6 Proven Ways to Improve Your Beauty, Looks and Confidence

  • Choose your wardrobe wisely

Picking out the clothes that fit your figure is one of the most important things that will make you look attractive and help you feel good about yourself. The clothes you wear should be comfortable, and highlight your best features while hiding those that you find less attractive. Therefore, if you have an hourglass figure, try to accentuate your tiny waist and those curves as much as possible, with high waisted skirts or jeans, and a tucked-in blouse. A shift dress is great for hiding any unflattering parts if you carry weight around your midsection and you have a slim lower body. Boot-cut trousers are perfect for hiding wide hips, while off-the-shoulder dresses and shirts will shift focus to a narrow torso.

Final thoughts…

Feeling confident about yourself isn’t always easy, but it will help you achieve your goals and help you spread positive energy all around yourself. However, sometimes in order to have high self-esteem, we must look good and feel beautiful. Therefore, make sure you lead a healthy life, smile a lot, take care of your skin and invest in a wardrobe that will look flattering on you.

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  1. Superb blog and very inspiring post. I really liked this – Never compare yourself to others. Absolutely true. Comparisons don’t make sense to me. It makes matter worse. Thanks for your inspiring words.

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