Hair Care For Dull Hair in Winters | 15 Tips


Hair Care For Dull Hair in Winters
Hair Care For Dull Hair in Winters
Winters have finally started! It feels as if yesterday was a bright sunny day and look today, it’s foggy and cold outside. I can feel the chill in the morning. In every season texture of our hair gets affected and especially in winters, they need a lot of attention. Winters calls for extra care for our hair as we tend to experience dullness, dryness, frizziness and dandruff in hair but by following some easy tips, we can surely combat these issues.

1. Cover your hair whenever you go out as harsh cold can affect and damage hair making them appear dry and dull. Wear a scarf or a woolen cap to protect hair when you’re outside but don’t wear it for too long.
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2. Have a hot oil massage at least once a week even if you don’t like it as your hair tends to become lifeless in winters.
3. Trim your hair and free it from split ends. Hair trimming makes the hair look healthy!
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4. Winter calls for the problem of dandruff. To combat it use homemade methods like applying lemon juice to hair and then massaging it with hot oil. Then wash it with a good quality shampoo.
5. Hot baths may sound tempting but avoid using hot water on your hair as it will make them limp and prone to breakage. Use lukewarm water instead of a hair wash.
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6. Don’t shampoo your hair daily as it can take a toll on your silky hair. Limit it to twice a week in order to maintain the health and moisture of the hair.
7. Dying your hair is a strict no as it further dries hair and affects its texture so avoid it at least in winters. You can instead opt for hair extensions of dyed hair, ombre hair, fusion hair which will compliment your look without the damage.
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8. If you use henna powder, it might be drying for your hair so add yogurt or egg to it. This will not strip the moisture from hair.
9. Let your hair dry naturally after washing. Don’t wrap a towel as it makes the hair shaft weak and easy to break.
10. Don’t brush your hair often. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle hair and keep it tied in a bun or a ponytail. Also, comb your hair before wash.
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11. Always make it a point to condition your hair roots after using a shampoo. A rich and deep conditioner will keep the hair moisture intact.
12. Coat your hair with a conditioning mask to revitalize dull hair. Mix 1 egg with 4 teaspoons of olive and apply this mixture for 30 minutes. Wash it with a shampoo afterwards.
13. Ban the use of heating and styling products. Keep your hair simple and classy and far away from complicated hairstyles. Let it breathe!

14. If you feel the shampoo is too harsh you can wash your hair with apple cider vinegar after every 2 days. It will give the same results of shampoo but without any chemicals.

15. Include oils like coconut, almond and castor oil for quick hair growth. You could also use them on your eyebrows and eyelashes.

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16. Pay attention to your diet and include lots of proteins like fish, soybean, beans, cottage cheese and fish. Also, include spinach in your diet to make your hair strong and long.
Caring for your tresses isn’t that hard in winters. Follow these tips and you could save yourself from a bad hair day!

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  1. Those are some really great tips 🙂
    Winters are not even here yet properly and I have already started facing dry ends 🙁

  2. Great tips mariyam di <3 I can follow all of them, except the 3rd one because I'm too scared to get my hair trimmed. 😛

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