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When it comes to intimate hygiene and actually taking care of it, many ladies use soap and water which is really harsh for that area. Intimate area has different pH level than rest of the body so it should be cleaned with something mild. Soap messes up with its pH level so it’s not recommended. When Everteen sent me their Everteen Natural Intimate Wash, I wanted to give it a try sice I’ve used intimate washes before. After using it for couple of times I’m ready to review it. Let’s begin! 

Price: Rs. 180/- for 105 ml

About this Product: Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is scientifically designed to promote body’s natural vaginal balance and maintain complete vaginal hygiene. It prevents unpleasant and unnatural odors, protects natural pH balance of vagina, relieves vaginal itching & burning.

Ingredients: Ficus glomarata – 0.3%, Butea frondosa – 0.2%, Sphatica – 1%, Aloe vera – 1%, Base to wash – qs

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review
This intimate hygiene wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip-top cap which shuts tight. It comes encased in a cardboard box with a leaflet inside which has all the details about the product. Packaging is pretty much practical. The consistency of this intimate wash is runny and is golden in color. Its fragrance is mild like a baby soap. 

I take a little amount of it for each use and after every use, I feel fresh. It lathers a decently and gets rinsed easily. It prevents weird odor for long hours. It comes handy specially during periods where most of us feel discomfort. It soothes the intimate area leaving it clean. It doesn’t dry out the skin and maintains its moisture since it’s free from SLS.  I don’t have any infections as such but just love using this intimate wash. It’s free from harsh chemicals so I can say it’s completely safe to use there. It doesn’t sting and burn and even if I feel that sensation this wash relives me of that. 

• Has a pleansant and mild fragrance
• Feels gentle on intimate area
• Cleans well while maintaining the pH level
• Keeps unnatural odor at bay
• Free from SLS
• Contains natural ingredients

Didn’t find any 🙂

Final Word: If you’re particular about your intimate health and hygiene or suffer from any infection down there, this intimate wash is a must for you. Its mild soap-free formula gently cleanses and soothes intimate area leaving it fresh throughout the day. It contains natural actives as ingredients so one can use it without fear of harsh chemicals. 

Do you think intimate washes are important for maintaining intimate hygiene? Do you use any? Share 🙂

*PR Sample, Honest Review!

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