How to Deal with Dry & Flaky Skin | 10 Tips

Having a smooth and flawless skin becomes a dream in winter when skin starts to get drier and dehydrated. Sometimes it becomes unmanageable when the skin goes berserk and no matter how well you follow your skincare routine, nothing seems to work.

I’m talking about dry & flaky skin which is a common issue in winters. For some, it happens in summers too as heat causes dehydration.

But right now the pollution is the topmost cause of flaky skin which gradually leads to other skin issues. Every issue has a solution so here I am to tell you some cool tips which will help you keep the dryness at bay. 

How to Deal with Dry & Flaky Skin

  • Keep your face moisturized at all times.

A simple rule you ought to follow. Apply a hydrating cream preferably containing vitamin E to keep your moisturization intact. After washing your face always follow up with a deep, nourishing moisturizer.

  • Use aloe vera gel regularly

I’m not talking about aloe vera available in the market but the natural one. Rub a freshly cut aloe vera gel on your skin to soothe the dry parts. Use it regularly until the dryness fades.

  • Apply honey mask

Take a dollop of honey and apply it to your face and other flaky areas. Massage it and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water. Use it 2 times a week.

  • Use a soft face scrub

If you use a harsh scrub, it will further cause more peeling of skin which might cause skin inflammation. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a scrub because exfoliation will remove the flakiness and uncover a new layer of skin. Just choose a scrub which has soft beads and doesn’t irritate skin.

  • Almond oil

It is a natural moisturizer. Massage it into the skin every night. Almond oil for skin provides the much-needed moisture to skin and keeps flakiness away. 

  • Avoid makeup when the skin is peeling

Keep the skin makeup-free until the facial skin gets back to normal as makeup can aggravate acne and inflammation of the skin. 

  • Olive oil

Dandruff and dead skin on the scalp can also cause flaky skin sometimes when they get in touch with your skin. From cooking to skincare – olive oil is a multipurpose product. Use olive oil for hair to get rid of hair issues so that it doesn’t mess up with the skin anymore.

  • Use a hydrating toner

Choose an alcohol-free toner on your skin which claims to hydrate the skin. Toner has its own added benefits along with tightening the skin so choose a toner that addresses dry & flaky skin.

  • Give yourself a steam

Take a hot shower and let your pores open. Don’t take steam directly but only in the shower which will restore the lost moisture to the skin.

  • Glycerin and Petroleum Jelly mask

Take equal amount of Glycerin and Petroleum Jelly. Apply it to the skin and leave for 20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

These were some tips on how to deal with dry & flaky skin. I hope you found this helpful! 


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  1. Akanksha says:

    Thanks for sharing these incredible tips. I am such a skincare lover but I don’t own a good honey mask yet. I really want to get Antipodes Aura mask as I find raw honey quite messy.


  2. I have severe dry and flaky skin…these tips are extremely beneficial dear…I am gonna save the post..????

    1. Sophia Alves says:

      Soma thank you for the feedback, I am very glad to hear that you like it 🙂

  3. Safiyah says:

    These are great tips. The honey mask and Aloe Vera gel is great not only for dry skin, I love using them on my oily skin too.

    1. Sophia Alves says:

      I agree, for me it is almost great for everything! I love it! :))

  4. Snehal says:

    I have began using aloe and honey regularly. Awesome tips! ????

    1. Sophia Alves says:

      Hi Snehal, that is great to hear! Let us know your experience and results 🙂

  5. Anubhuti Tiwari Lakhwani says:

    Definitely great tips and most of these I vouch for also…

  6. Nice tips for winter. I also like to use yoghurt for face mask and hair mask to combat dryness…

    1. Sophia Alves says:

      Hi Archana, that is a great tip as well! I am very glad you liked my post 🙂

  7. Roshni Gokani says:

    You have given some great tips Mariyam! 🙂

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